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Exploring Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake Story

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If you love a story that mixes humor, relatable moments, and the joy of chocolate cake, meet Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake. This story began as a poem. It has warmed the hearts of both kids and grown-ups with its magic.

The tale is set in Michael Rosen’s childhood. He faces a sweet dilemma with a chocolate cake. He tells us how he went on a late-night adventure to eat the whole cake. Michael needed to be sneaky to avoid his mother finding out.

Kevin Waldron’s illustrations make the story shine. They show the fun and trouble in Michael’s quest to eat the cake. The drawings make the story more enjoyable for everyone.

Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake is more than fun. It’s become a hit in classrooms. Teachers use it to teach English, art, and math. These lessons help kids think, create, and feel more sure of themselves.

Reading this book at bedtime or using it for lessons, it brings joy to many. Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake sparks inspiration in all who read it.

This image captures the magic of chocolate cake. It shows us the heart of Michael Rosen’s much-loved story.

Let’s jump into a world of chocolate cake, laughter, and simple joys. Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake takes us on a delicious adventure.

The Story of Chocolate Cake

Michael Rosen tells us about his childhood. He loved chocolate cake. Just like many kids, he couldn’t resist sweets. This led to a funny yet memorable incident.

One day, a sweet smell caught his attention. He found a chocolate cake on the counter. It was calling out to him. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

His desire for the cake was too strong. So, he decided to sneak and eat it. At night, excited and a little scared, he went to the kitchen.

“The chocolate cake was waiting. I couldn’t stop myself. Childhood had its temptations and this one got the better of me. I needed to take a bite.”

He finally saw the cake. Unable to resist, he snuck a bite. He couldn’t stop and kept eating. This brought him simple happiness.

But, eating the cake brought worry. He feared his mom’s disapproval if caught. Eating the cake now filled him with guilt.

So, quickly, he cleaned everything. He made sure the kitchen looked as it was before. He was determined not to get caught.

“I cleaned up as best I could, trying to make the kitchen illustrations-perfect and rid the scene of any wrongdoing. I was determined to evade capture for my autobiography.”

This story reminds us of our childhood mischief. It talks about sneaking and rule breaking. These are things many of us can relate to.

Kevin Waldron’s illustrations bring the story to life. They add humor and beauty to Michael’s words. The images help us feel like we’re right there with him.

Image providing a visual representation of Michael Rosen sneaking downstairs for the chocolate cake.

Lessons and Activities Inspired by Chocolate Cake

Teachers have found many fun lessons in Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake. These activities help students understand the story better. They also boost confidence and creativity. The activities cover English, art, and math. This makes learning fun and full of adventures.

1. English Activities

The story of Chocolate Cake is perfect for learning reading and writing. Here’s how you can make learning fun:

  • Have a Pre-Reading Discussion. Ask students about times they had to fight the urge to have too much of something. Talk about why self-control is important.
  • After reading, quiz them on the story. This can be a group discussion or in writing.
  • Ask them to think about the main character. What do they want? How do they act? This will make them think and feel for the story’s lead.
  • Give them writing tasks. They can write about why it’s hard to resist treats or describe a favorite food in detail.

2. Art Activities

Kevin Waldron’s pictures in Chocolate Cake are eye-catching. They’re great for starting art activities. Try the following:

  • Talk about the pictures in the book. Which one do they like best and why?
  • Get students to make a book cover. It should show what the story is about and look good.
  • Let them make a comic strip of their favorite part. Drawing helps you remember the story.

3. Mathematics Activities

Did you know Chocolate Cake is good for math, too? Here’s how:

  • Divide the cake to teach fractions. Students can use the cake to learn about different fractions.
  • Turn the recipe measurements into other units. This helps them understand fractions better.
  • Plan a party with a cake budget. They must find the cost of ingredients within their budget.

Bringing all these together makes learning vivid. Students learn to read, create, count, and think. Plus, they have fun making connections between subjects.

Subject Activity
English Pre-Reading Discussion
English Comprehension Questions
English Character Analysis
English Writing Prompts
Art Illustration Appreciation
Art Design Your Own Book Cover
Art Visual Storytelling
Mathematics Fraction Exploration
Mathematics Cake Recipe Conversion
Mathematics Budgeting Challenge


Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake brings joy to everyone who reads it. This well-loved story is loved by both kids and adults. It’s perfect for bedtime reading or as part of learning activities.

This tale teaches children about temptation and the importance of self-control. It shows the fun of indulging and the lessons we can learn from the boy’s adventure. The illustrations by Kevin Waldron make the story even better with humor and color.

The story talks a lot about yummy chocolate cake and the thrill of sneaking to get a bite. It makes you think about your own special memories. This story helps us see the beauty in simple things and the power of a good tale.


Is Chocolate Cake a children’s story?

Yes, Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake is loved by both kids and grown-ups.

What is the story about?

It’s about a boy who can’t resist eating a yummy chocolate cake.

Is the story based on a real experience?

Absolutely, it comes from an event in Michael Rosen’s own childhood.

Who illustrated the book?

The illustrations are by Kevin Waldron. His art makes the story fun and appealing.

How can teachers use the Chocolate Cake story in the classroom?

They can use it to teach different subjects like English, art, and math.

What skills can students develop through the activities?

They’ll get better at reading, feel more sure of themselves, and learn to be creative.

What are some examples of activities?

There are talks before reading, questions during, and fun stuff after like making poems or acting out the story.

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