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Nigel Slater’s Lemon Drizzle Cake: A Review of His Recipe

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Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake is perfect for those who love citrus flavors. It’s a favorite among people who enjoy baking. This recipe is known for being moist and full of tangy goodness. It uses butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and ground almonds for a rich base. The lemon flavor is very intense because of it.

This recipe is special because it is easy to make. It focuses on the sour taste of the lemon. You just pour a lemony syrup over the freshly baked cake. The syrup soaks into the cake, creating a burst of citrus in every bite.

Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake is great for any occasion. It brings together sweet and tangy flavors. This combination really excites your taste buds. So, let’s take a closer look at Nigel Slater’s easy-to-love recipe.

The Perfect Cake Base: Variations and Flavorings

Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake stands out thanks to its perfect base. All great desserts start with the right foundation. This cake uses butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and ground almonds for its base. Adding ground almonds gives it a unique, nutty sweetness, making it special.

This lemon drizzle cake is not your usual Victoria sponge. Slater’s version is unique because of the ground almonds. They boost the cake’s flavor and keep it moist. The cake becomes a delight in every bite, with the right mix of flavor and texture.

No good cake is complete without a chance to make it your own. You can add extra flavors to the cake base if you like. Many people choose to add lemon zest for a zesty kick. Or, you can try a bit of rum for a luxurious touch.

What truly impresses about this cake is its balance. It’s light and soft but full of flavor. Baking, after all, is a form of art. It shows that with the right technique, simple ingredients can make a delicious masterpiece.

You can go with the original recipe or get creative with flavors. But with Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake, you can always count on a truly blissful experience.

The Magic of the Lemon Drizzle

The lemon drizzle cake by Nigel Slater shines because of its lemon drizzle. Some recipes add a thick glaze using apricot jam and lemon icing, giving it a sweet look. Yet, it might miss the sharp tang of a true lemon drizzle.

Nigel Slater’s method is straightforward. He just pours fresh lemon juice over the top. This lets the cake soak up the juice, giving each slice a zesty taste. Some bakers prefer a crunchy sugar topping for a different texture.

Others suggest going even further by adding a filling like lemon curd. This makes the cake more luxurious and tasty. The great thing about lemon drizzle cake is you can try many different ways to make it. It’s a fun and versatile choice for tea time or a sweet treat.

lemon drizzle

Recipe Lemon Drizzle Technique
Raymond Blanc’s Brushing the cake with apricot jam and icing with a lemon glaze
Nigel Slater’s Squeezing fresh lemon juice over the cake
Holt’s Using granulated sugar to create a sugary crust
Tonia George’s Adding a filling like lemon curd or whipped mascarpone


Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake wins over dessert fans with its moist, tangy charm. It mixes fresh lemon zest, sugar, and a soft cake base for a delightful taste. Adding ground almonds and more flavors makes it a superb choice for any dessert lover.

This cake is perfect for teatime or as a grand dessert. It’s perfect for any event, from simple get-togethers to fancy parties. The moist, tangy flavors are ideal for those who love citrus. Each bite is full of refreshing lemon taste.

Try Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake to enjoy a blend of sweet and tangy. It’s a must for anyone looking for a luscious, tangy dessert. Each bite promises a magical, unforgettable experience of this classic treat.


What are the main ingredients in Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake?

Nigel Slater’s cake uses butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. It also has ground almonds and lemon zest.

What makes Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake unique?

Ground almonds give Nigel Slater’s cake a unique nutty sweetness. This works well with the lemon’s sharp flavor.

How is the lemon drizzle made?

Making the lemon drizzle is simple. Nigel squeezes fresh lemon juice over the cake. This way, the juice soaks in and makes every bite citrusy.

Can the lemon drizzle cake be customized?

Yes, it’s easy to customize Nigel’s cake. You could add lemon zest, rum, lemon curd, or whipped mascarpone for more flavor and indulgence. The options are infinite.

Is Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake suitable for tea time or dessert?

Nigel’s lemon drizzle cake is great for both tea time and as a dessert. It’s a flexible treat.

Is Nigel Slater’s lemon drizzle cake difficult to make?

Many find Nigel’s cake recipe easy to make. It’s great for all bakers, whether they’re new or experienced.

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