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Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake: A Rich and Fragrant Delight

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If you love Nigella Lawson’s treats, this almond and lemon cake will enchant you. It’s moist, full of aroma, and makes any event special.

Heather Rose adapted Nigella’s recipe, crafting her own version. Mixing lemons’ zest with almonds, she has made a cake that draws everyone in with its flavors.

To craft this masterpiece, gather 225g butter, 225g sugar, 4 eggs, 50g flour, 250g ground almonds, and more. Plus, remember the almond essence, lemon zest, and juice for that perfect flavor blend.

Heather’s extra tip is to use homemade almond meal. Roast almonds and grind them for a finer cake texture. It’s a small step for a big taste upgrade.

Begin by mixing the butter and sugar. Add the eggs, flour, and the rest of the ingredients. Bake the batter at 180°C. Soon, you’ll have a golden, moist cake ready to impress.

For the best taste, let the cake sit in its tin for an hour. The flavors get better with time, offering a mouthwatering experience.

Want more citrus? Heather has a tip. Make a zesty syrup with marmalade and juice. Drizzle it over the cake for an extra burst of flavor.

Nigella’s Clementine Cake: A Moist and Surprisingly Popular Delight

Nigella Lawson wows her guests with a moist clementine cake. It’s famous for being both wet and rich. The cake’s popularity comes from its unique taste and texture.

This recipe calls for 4 to 5 bright, juicy clementines. They should weigh about 375g. These fruits give the cake its wonderful smell and sweet, tangy taste.

You also need 6 eggs, 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar (225g), 2 1/3 cups of ground almonds (250g), and baking powder. These ingredients, along with the clementines, make the base of the cake.

The clementines are boiled for 2 hours, then chopped. You use the entire fruit, including the skin and pith. This method ensures each part of the clementine adds flavor.

Next, beat the eggs and mix in the sugar, almonds, baking powder, and chopped clementines. This creates a lovely batter. Pour it into a pan to bake.

The cake fills your home with a wonderful scent while baking at 375°F. It’s done when a skewer comes out clean. Enjoy the golden, moist cake filled with citrus flavor.

You can finish the cake with powdered sugar for extra sweetness. Or add a glaze using sugar and clementine juice. These choices make the cake look and taste even better.

Nigella suggests letting the cake rest before serving. She says the taste is even better the next day. Letting it sit allows the flavors to mingle, making every bite better.

The Fragrant Delight of Nigella’s Clementine Cake

“With each slice of Nigella’s moist clementine cake, you embark on a journey of citrusy bliss, as the vibrant flavors dance on your palate. The delicate balance of sweetness and tanginess leaves a lasting impression, making this cake an undeniable favorite at any gathering.” – Testimonial from a delighted guest

Nigella’s cake blends her cooking skill with simple clementines to create a memorable dessert. Everyone loves it, from casual tea to elegant dinners. Nigella’s clementine cake always impresses, making people want more.

Ingredients Quantity
Clementines 4-5 (approximately 375g)
Eggs 6
Sugar 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (225g)
Ground Almonds 2 1/3 cups (250g)
Baking Powder 1 heaping teaspoon

Pear and Almond Cake: A Delicate and Flavorful Treat

Enjoy the wonderful mix of pears and almonds in this cake by Nigella Lawson. It’s perfect for any celebration with its unique flavor. It brings together the sweetness of pears and the richness of almond meal. This creates a tasty harmony that you will love.

Gather 3 ripe pears, 4 large eggs, 200g almond meal, and more. You’ll also need butter, sugar, and flavorings like vanilla extract. Don’t forget the amaretto liqueur for an extra touch of flavor.

Start by preparing the pears – peel, core, and slice them. This makes sure the cake is full of juicy pear bits. Then mix the eggs, almond meal, and other ingredients. This mixture becomes the tasty batter for the cake.

Grease a cake tin and line it with parchment paper. Pour the batter into the tin. Add the sliced pears on top in a neat pattern. Sprinkle the flaked almonds for a crispy finish.

Bake it until a tester comes out clean. Your kitchen will smell amazing as it bakes. This signals that your sweet and moist cake is near.

After baking, let the cake cool. You can serve it as it is or add some powdered sugar for extra sweetness.

Enjoy Nigella Lawson’s pear and almond cake. It showcases the beauty of mixing seasonal fruits with almonds. Every bite is a joyful experience, taking you to a place of pure delight.

Nigella Lawson pear and almond cake


“Make this pear and almond cake uniquely yours,” suggests Nigella Lawson. You can boost it with spices or drizzle caramel on top for more richness.

Get creative with Nigella’s recipe by trying different tastes. Pears and almonds are a great base for your creative twists. Whether it’s cinnamon’s warmth or caramel’s richness, you have many choices.

Pair flavors in your own way with this cake. Let your senses lead you on a tasty adventure. Discover new delights and enjoy making this special treat your own.

Indulge in Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake Variations

Nigella Lawson’s almond and lemon cake offers endless ways to make it your own. Many people have taken her recipe and added their unique touches. These variations often turn out to be both unique and delicious.

Heather Rose, a skilled chef, made her own twist by adding more almonds and lemon. This change boosts the cake’s texture and adds a nice tang. It makes the cake more mouth-watering and flavorful.

Nigella also suggests a citrusy twist that you can try. She recommends adding oranges to a mix of lemons and bumping up the sugar a bit. This change makes the cake very unforgettable with its fresh citrus flavors.

Stick with the classic or try new twists – the almond and citrus combo is always wonderful. Have fun experimenting and make your own special almond and lemon cake. Enjoy the amazing flavors and turn each bite into a celebration of your creativity.


What are the ingredients for Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake?

You will need butter, sugar, eggs, flour, ground almonds, almond essence. Also, lemon zest, and lemon juice are key.

How is Heather Rose’s adaptation of Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake different?

Heather Rose’s version uses homemade almond meal. This gives the cake a unique, coarser texture.

How long does Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake take to bake?

Baking Nigella’s cake takes 45-50 minutes at 180°C.

Can Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake be served warm?

Yes, you can enjoy Nigella’s cake warm. It’s also fine to serve it later for a flavor boost.

How can I enhance the flavors and moistness of Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake?

Try adding a citrus syrup. This involves marmalade and fresh citrus juice. It boosts the cake’s flavor and moistness.

What are the ingredients for Nigella’s Clementine Cake?

Nigella’s Clementine Cake needs clementines, eggs, sugar, ground almonds, and baking powder.

How are the clementines prepared for Nigella’s Clementine Cake?

Firstly, boil the clementines. Then, finely chop them with the skins, pith, and fruit.

How long does Nigella’s Clementine Cake take to bake?

The cake should bake for 30-50 minutes at 375°F.

How can Nigella’s Clementine Cake be decorated?

Dust the Clementine Cake with powdered sugar. Or, top it with a glaze of powdered sugar mixed with clementine juice.

What are the ingredients for Pear and Almond Cake?

You’ll need pears, eggs, almond meal, baking powder, sugar. Also, salt, vanilla extract, flaked almonds, butter, and amaretto liqueur.

How should the pears be prepared for Pear and Almond Cake?

Peel, core, and slice the pears. Then, mix them into the cake batter.

Can variations be made to Nigella’s Almond and Lemon Cake?

Absolutely. You can tweak Nigella’s cake by changing almond and lemon amounts. Or, add oranges for a twist.

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