Cherry Almond Cake

Scrumptious Cherry Almond Cake: A Flavorful Blend

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Welcome to our delightful cherry almond cake. It’s filled with fresh sweet cherries and a hint of almond, vanilla, and lemon. This cake is a special treat for your senses. With almond flour in our recipe, the cake is tender and moist. You can make it without dairy too, fitting more diets.

Enjoy the mix of sweet cherries and the nutty goodness of almond flour. This dessert is perfect for summer and brings elegance to any event. It works well for a dinner party or just for yourself. Our cherry almond cake is always a hit.

An Easy and Adaptable Recipe

This cherry almond cake is inspired by Marian Burros’s famous Plum Torte from the New York Times. You can switch the cherries for strawberries, peaches, or plums for a tasty change. It’s an easy cake recipe that turns out great with any juicy fruit.

The cake is soft, moist, and just the right level of sweet. It lets the fruit flavors be the main attraction. Adding almond flour gives the cake a nice chew and a hint of nuttiness, making it even more delicious.

What’s cool about this recipe is it can be made to fit different diets. If you don’t eat dairy, swap the butter for coconut oil. This swap makes the cake friendly for more people.

Whether you’re celebrating or just want a yummy treat, this cake is perfect. It’s a great way to use up any extra fruits you have. So, pick your favorite fruit, mix up the batter, and enjoy the taste of summer!

Tips for Success and Variations

To make sure this cherry almond cake turns out well, prepare your pan right. Grease it and line it with parchment paper. This step helps the cake come out smooth and keeps fruit from sticking.

This cake does great in the freezer, which is handy for planning or surprises. Wrap it up or keep it in a sealed container, and it will be good for up to two weeks. Let it thaw before serving.

For the tastiest cake, use fresh and firm cherries. They’ll make the cake look and taste even better.

Tips for Success and Variations

To make sure your cherry almond cake hits the mark, readying the pan is crucial. Begin by thoroughly greasing the cake pan. Then, line it with parchment paper. This prep step stops the cake from sticking and makes it look great.

This recipe is also perfect for freezing. If you have extras or just want to save some cake for later, wrap it well in plastic or place it in a container. Then, freeze it. It can stay in the freezer for up to two weeks. When you want to eat it, just let it thaw at room temperature and enjoy.

Choosing the right cherries is vital for the best outcome. Fresh and firm cherries work best. They add a nice texture and flavor to the cake. If you can get freshly picked cherries, you’re in for a treat. This recipe highlights their tasty and juicy nature.

A kitchen scale and oven thermometer are a baker’s best friend for this recipe. They help ensure precise measurements and baking. With these tools, following the recipe and getting great results each time is easier.


Can I use a different fruit in this cherry almond cake recipe?

Yes, you can change the main fruit to others like strawberries, peaches, or plums. The recipe is very flexible. This way, you can enjoy different fruity flavors in the cake.

How can I make this cherry almond cake dairy-free?

To make it dairy-free, just swap coconut oil for butter in the mix. It’s a simple switch that keeps the taste but makes the cake accessible to more people.

How should I prepare the cake pan to ensure easy release?

To make sure the cake doesn’t stick, grease the pan well and line it with parchment paper. This keeps the fruits from clinging to the pan, making removal a breeze.

Can I freeze this cherry almond cake?

Indeed, this cake freezes well. Wrap it in plastic or put it in a sealed container. It can stay in your freezer for up to two weeks. Just remember to thaw it before serving.

What are the best cherries to use for this cake?

Choose cherries that are firm and fresh. They hold up better in the baking process. This keeps the cake looking and tasting its best.

Are there any tips for accurate baking and ingredient measurements?

Using an oven thermometer and a kitchen scale is very helpful. They ensure everything is just right for a perfect cherry almond cake. This reduces the chances of surprises during baking.

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