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The Search for the Best Carrot Cake in London

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for carrot cake lovers in London. If you’re searching for top-notch carrot cakes, you’re in the right city. London hosts numerous bakeries and cafes known for their exquisite carrot cake recipes.

London is famous for a vibrant food scene, including its love for carrot cake. You can find both the usual carrot cakes and innovative versions throughout the city. It’s a place where carrot cake fans can truly indulge their taste buds.

Places like Fitzrovia and Borough Market are just the beginning. There are countless spots to explore for the best carrot cake in London. Let’s start our journey to find the city’s most loved carrot cakes, from well-known favorites to hidden local gems.

Top Spots for Carrot Cake in London

If you’re hunting for London’s best carrot cake, you’re in luck. We’ve found spots known for their amazing carrot cakes.

E5 Bakehouse

E5 Bakehouse sits in London Fields, famous for its artisan bread and sweets. Their carrot cake is moist and full of flavor, a hit with cake lovers.

Konditor & Cook

Try Konditor & Cook in Borough Market for a delicious carrot cake. All their cakes are crafted with care, promising a tasty delight.

Scandi Kitchen

Want a unique pick? Head to Scandi Kitchen in Fitzrovia for a taste of Scandinavia in their carrot cake. Their cafe is trendy and their cake is unforgettable.


At Brickwood in Clapham, you’ll find a special carrot cake. It’s gluten and dairy-free, but still a treat for your taste buds.


Check out Cakehole’s market bakeries around London for top-notch carrot cake. It’s made from the best stuff, a must-try for cake fans.

These spots represent London’s love for carrot cake. You’ll enjoy a unique version of this beloved dessert at each place.

Don’t miss the chance to explore London’s carrot cake scene. Head to one of these places to treat yourself and discover your favorite sweet spot.

Other Noteworthy Carrot Cake Spots in London

Looking for more carrot cake in London? There are some great spots to visit. InSpiral, in Camden, is known for its vegan take. Their cake uses carrot juice, various fruits, and spices to create a unique flavor. It’s a must-try for carrot cake fans.

The Hackney Pearl in Hackney offers more than its charming atmosphere. It’s got delicious carrot cake that’s moist, sweet, and spiced just right. This traditional British cafe’s dessert will make you crave seconds.

Want something different? Try Lanka in Finchley Road. Mixing French baking with Japanese flavors, they create a rich carrot cake topped with pistachios. This blend of East and West makes for a memorable treat.

For those with food restrictions, check out The Free From Bakehouse in Borough Market. They focus on gluten, wheat, and dairy-free treats. Their unique carrot cake, made with almond, apricot, and tahini, is a flavorful option for special diets.

These places showcase just a bit of London’s carrot cake scene. If a carrot cake craving hits, give these places a visit. Remember, other spots like GAIL’s Bakery in Soho and Miss Poppy Cakes in Camden Town also offer great options.


Where can I find the best carrot cake in London?

London has many great places for carrot cake. E5 Bakehouse in London Fields and Konditor & Cook in Borough Market are popular. Scandi Kitchen in Fitzrovia and Brickwood in Clapham are also favorites. For cake deliveries, check out Cakehole’s market selections.

Are there any vegan carrot cake options in London?

Yes, InSpiral in Camden is a top pick for vegan carrot cake. They make theirs with carrot juice, fruits, and spices. This cafe has a wide range of vegan treats available.

Where can I find a gluten-free carrot cake in London?

The Free From Bakehouse in Borough Market focuses on gluten, wheat, and dairy-free options. Try their almond, apricot, and tahini carrot cake. It’s super tasty. They’re located in several spots around the city.

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