Best Cherry and Almond Cake Recipe

Ultimate Cherry and Almond Cake Recipe: The Best You’ll Ever Bake

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Get ready for the best cherry and almond cake recipe ever. This cake is all about the perfect mix of sweet and moist. It’s unforgettable and will surely meet your highest expectations.

This cake shines with the juiciness of fresh cherries and the nutty taste of almonds. Every bite is a delightful blend of flavors and soft textures. Adding quality Nielsen Massey extracts makes it even better.

It’s ideal for any occasion, from breakfast to dessert. Its richness will surprise and please your loved ones.

In the next part, you’ll find out about two more cherry and almond cake recipes. We will show you how to make a beautiful Cherry Bakewell Cake. Discover the important roles of marzipan, Stork margarine, and almond extracts in this masterpiece.

The Secret to a Perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake

Discover the secret behind a tasty Cherry Bakewell Cake with this recipe. It was created by Alison Tregoning from Serendipity Cake Company. The cake features a moist almond sponge full of marzipan for a great texture.

For that perfect softness, use Stork margarine. It spreads moisture evenly, making the cake tender and tasty.

Enjoy the intense almond flavor with Almond Extract. It makes every bite a delight for your sense of taste and smell.

The cake’s cherry filling is a cherry jam surprise. It perfectly pairs with the almonds, offering a sweet and fruity taste.

A top layer of almond buttercream finishes the masterpiece. It’s a luxurious touch that enhances the almond taste of the cake.

The combo of marzipan, almond sponge, and cherry jam is heavenly. It creates a taste no one will forget.


Here’s what you need for your own Cherry Bakewell Cake:

Ingredient Quantity
Almond Sponge 225g
Marzipan 100g
Stork margarine 225g
Almond Extract 2 tsp
Cherry jam 200g
Almond buttercream For topping


  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F) and prepare your tin with parchment paper.
  2. Cream Stork margarine and sugar till fluffy in a bowl.
  3. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until mixed well.
  4. Sift and fold in the flour with care.
  5. Add and mix in Almond Extract.
  6. Crush the marzipan and fold it in gently.
  7. Put your batter in the tin and flatten the top.
  8. Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean.
  9. Let the cake cool fully and then remove from the tin.
  10. After it’s cool, slice and spread cherry jam on the bottom half.
  11. Place the top half back on and spread almond buttercream over it.
  12. Decorate as you like and serve happily!

This recipe gives you the key to an amazing Cherry Bakewell Cake. Use it to impress your loved ones with every bite. Enjoy the magic!

How to Make a Moist Cherry Almond Bundt Cake

This recipe will guide you in making a tasty Cherry Almond Bundt Cake. It will surely be a hit. The cake is flavored with almond and filled with cherry pie filling, making it a favorite.

To make this cake even better, we add a cream cheese glaze. It’s made sweeter with orange zest. These flavors mix perfectly, creating a treat for your taste buds.

Start by ensuring all your ingredients are at room temperature. This helps the batter come together smoothly. Also, make sure you measure the flour just right for the perfect consistency.

Remember to grease and flour your bundt pan well to avoid any sticking. You can also cover the pan with foil during baking. This prevents the bottom from browning too fast. The outcome is a cake that looks and tastes amazing.


What makes the Ultimate Cherry and Almond Cake recipe so special?

The Ultimate Cherry and Almond Cake stands out because it uses fresh, seasonal cherries. These make the cake moist and delicious. It also includes high-quality Nielsen Massey extracts for amazing flavor.

How is the Perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake made?

The Perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake has an almond sponge with marzipan inside.
Stork margarine ensures it’s soft and rises perfectly. It’s flavored with Almond Extract for a deep almond taste. Topped with cherry jam and almond buttercream, it’s a delight.

What is the secret to making a Moist Cherry Almond Bundt Cake?

This cake uses a pound cake recipe with extra almond flavor.
It’s filled with cherry pie and topped with a cream cheese glaze with orange zest. Using room temperature ingredients and precise flour measurement is key. Greasing and flouring the bundt pan and foil on the bottom also help.

Can the Ultimate Cherry and Almond Cake be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, or dessert?

Absolutely, the Ultimate Cherry and Almond Cake fits in perfectly at any time.
Its moist, delicious texture makes it suitable for breakfast, brunch, or as a dessert.

Is the Cherry Bakewell Cake suitable for special occasions?

The Cherry Bakewell Cake is perfect for special events.
Created by Alison Tregoning of Serendipity Cake Company, it’s ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration.

What makes the Cherry Almond Bundt Cake so moist and dense?

The Cherry Almond Bundt Cake’s moisture and density come from almond flavor and cherry pie filling.
The technique of using room temperature ingredients is crucial. The cream cheese glaze makes it even sweeter and keeps it moist.

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