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Calorie Guide: How Many Calories in a Slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake?

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Welcome to our calorie guide for lemon drizzle cake. We’ll uncover the calorie count of this zesty treat.

If you’re a fan, good news awaits you. Enjoying a slice won’t leave you feeling guilty. We will explore its nutritional aspects and how it can be part of a balanced diet.

Nutritional Breakdown of Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon drizzle cake is famous for its sweet and sour taste. Now let’s dive into its nutrition facts.


This cake uses simple but tasty ingredients. You’ll need:

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Self-raising flour
  • Lemon zest
  • Lemon juice


To make it, mix 225g butter and 225g sugar. Add 4 eggs and 225g flour. Blend in lemon zest and juice. Bake the batter in a tin for 45-50 minutes at 180C.

The Finishing Touch

When it’s done, make a mix of lemon juice and sugar. Pour this over the cake while it’s still warm. This makes the cake juicy and brings out the lemon taste even more.

And there you have it. A tasty lemon drizzle cake that’s moist and full of lemon flavor.

Now, we’ll look at how this cake fits into a diet and if it helps with losing weight.

Lemon Drizzle Cake and Weight Loss

Finding low-calorie desserts is key for weight loss. Lemon drizzle cake is a great option. It’s tasty and won’t ruin your diet if you eat it in moderation. Using portion control and mindful eating, you can enjoy a bit of lemon drizzle cake guilt-free.

Keeping a food diary is a smart move to cut calories. This helps you pick the right desserts, aiding in your weight loss. Studies back this up, showing that writing down what you eat leads to more weight lost.

“The key is to enjoy lemon drizzle cake in moderation and make mindful dessert choices,” says nutritionist Jane Thompson. “By being aware of portion sizes and incorporating it into a balanced diet, you can indulge your sweet tooth without feeling guilty.”

Wondering how to have your cake and lose weight, too? Here’s some advice:

  • Go for smaller slices to reduce calories but still enjoy it.
  • Adding fruit or Greek yogurt boosts nutritional value and keeps you full longer.
  • Opt for recipes that swap out unhealthy ingredients with better alternatives, like using whole wheat flour.
  • Baking your cake in a mini loaf tin helps control portion sizes.

Weight loss is about wise choices, not saying no to everything. Sometimes, a bit of lemon drizzle cake is just fine. It fits well in a diet focused on watching calories. Pairing this with mindful eating and a balanced life means you can treat yourself occasionally.

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Enjoying a sweet treat doesn’t have to ruin your diet. Lemon drizzle cake has a tasty, tart flavor that’s light on the calories. It’s the perfect choice for those watching their weight but still want to indulge.

Marks and Spencer Classic Lemon Drizzle Cake has only 255 calories per slice. This makes it a great option for those who like to watch their calorie intake. By managing your portions and fitting this cake into a balanced diet, you can enjoy it without worry.

It’s all about moderation. Having a slice of lemon drizzle cake is a nice treat for yourself. Make sure to be mindful of your calorie consumption, choosing desserts that align with your health goals. Thanks to lemon drizzle cake, you can treat yourself and stick to your diet at the same time.


How many calories are in a slice of Marks and Spencer Classic Lemon Drizzle Cake?

A slice of this cake has 255 calories.

What is the nutritional breakdown of lemon drizzle cake?

Lemon drizzle cake has 3.2g protein, 37.4g carbohydrates, 10.4g fat, and 0.4g fiber per slice.

For every 100g, it’s 4.7g protein, 55g carbohydrates, 15.3g fat, and 0.6g fiber.

What are the main ingredients in lemon drizzle cake?

It includes butter, sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, lemon zest, and lemon juice.

How can I make a lemon drizzle cake?

To make one, you’ll need 225g unsalted butter, 225g caster sugar, 4 eggs, 225g self-raising flour, and lemons. Zest 1 lemon, and juice 1½.

Bake it in a loaf tin at 180C for 45-50 minutes. While warm, pour lemon drizzle of juice and sugar over for a sweet, tangy topping.

Is lemon drizzle cake a guilt-free dessert?

Yes, it can fit into a healthy diet and help with weight loss if eaten in moderation.

Can I include lemon drizzle cake in a weight loss plan?

Indeed, it can be part of a weight loss plan. Just watch the size of your slices and balance your meals.

How many calories should I consume from lemon drizzle cake?

Each piece has 255 calories, making it a relatively low-calorie treat. Just be mindful of your daily calorie intake.

Does keeping a food diary help with weight loss?

Yes, it does. Writing down what you eat can help you make better choices, leading to weight loss.

How should I enjoy lemon drizzle cake?

Eat it occasionally, focusing on small servings. This way, you can treat yourself without guilt.

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