Cherry Jaffa Cakes

Cherry Jaffa Cakes: A New Twist on a Classic Treat

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Discover the amazing taste of Cherry Jaffa Cakes. They are a new version of the classic treat we all love. Cherry Jaffa Cakes bring together sweet cherry filling and a chocolate cover.

This mix of sweet and sour is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. You’ll love every single bite you take.

Take your dessert game up a notch with Cherry Jaffa Cakes. They highlight the classic duo – cherries and chocolate. Each bite feels like stepping into a world of complete luxury.

Whether you’re having a quick snack or a full dessert, Cherry Jaffa Cakes make it special. They are a must-try for anyone who loves dessert.

French Glacé Cherries: A Slice of History

French Glacé Cherries are an important part of UK baking culture. They have been a key ingredient in British desserts for many years.

In 1868, French confectioners started sending their candied fruits to the UK. This kicked off a love affair that changed the UK’s approach to baking. Soon, these delicious fruits were everywhere, especially in fruit cakes.

Picnics and camping became really popular in the late 19th century. This made fruit cakes a go-to treat. Using candied fruits, like French Glacé Cherries, made these cakes tastier than ever.

“French confectioners revolutionized the British baking scene with their candied fruits and Glacé Cherries. These cherries, with their vibrant color and intense flavor, became an integral part of the beloved fruit cakes enjoyed across the country.”

One thing that made French Glacé Cherries special is they keep their shape and flavor when baked. This is perfect for fruit cakes, making them look and taste amazing.

Over time, French Glacé Cherries became a symbol of British baking. They were used in many desserts, such as Black Forest gateau, Bakewell tarts, and cherry pies.

The Unmistakable Quality of French Glacé Cherries

The way French Glacé Cherries are made is truly special. Each cherry is picked by hand when it’s just right. Then, it’s treated with care.

Cherries are cleaned and pitted, then soaked in a sugar syrup. This turns the water in the cherry to sugar, making it crystalized. But, the cherry’s juiciness is kept.

After the sugaring, the cherries are air-dried. This makes the outside hard, like a shell. It keeps the cherry looking good and tasting fresh for baking.

You end up with a cherry that’s not just colorful. It also tastes amazing, fitting perfectly in cakes and other baked goods.

Today, French Glacé Cherries are still important to British baking. They make everything from traditional cakes to new desserts look and taste better.

Raspberry and Cherry Flavored Jaffa Cakes: A Tangy Twist

The classic Jaffa Cakes have gotten a new twist with raspberry and cherry flavors. These new fruity flavors add an exciting tang to the traditional Jaffa mix. A mix of chocolate, sponge, and now, raspberry and cherry, these cakes are a real treat.

Each raspberry Jaffa Cake combines a light sponge, chocolate top, and a raspberry jam center. The raspberry’s tartness goes perfectly with the rich chocolate. With each bite, you get a balance of flavors that’s truly inviting.

Still, for those who like tanginess, the cherry Jaffa Cakes are perfect. They feature the same cake and chocolate base. But then, a cherry filling gives them a sharp, zesty taste.

Raspberry and Cherry Flavored Jaffa Cakes

These Jaffa Cakes, whether raspberry or cherry, are refreshing and tangy. They’re perfect for a quiet moment alone or sharing with someone. Their special flavors will be remembered long after they’re gone.

You can find them at places like Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. These new Jaffa Cakes add a delightful twist to the classic. They’re a fruity, tangy dream for anyone with a sweet spot.

Try the raspberry or cherry Jaffa Cakes for a burst of delight. Their fruity kick and chocolatey base are a great combo. Enjoy a new experience with the Jaffa Cakes you love.


Cherry Jaffa Cakes put a fresh spin on a beloved favorite. They combine a tangy cherry center with a chocolate shell. This mix offers a balanced burst of flavors. With new choices like raspberry and cherry, Jaffa Cake lovers have more to enjoy.

These cakes are great for a quick snack or a sweet end to a meal. The cherries’ tartness elevates the chocolate’s sweetness. Mixing zesty fruit with creamy chocolate hits all the right notes.

Try these new Cherry Jaffa Cakes for a tasty change. They blend sharp fruit and smooth chocolate in a heavenly way. Join the group of fans who cherish the Cherry flavor. Enjoy them by yourself or with loved ones. These cakes promise joy every time. Treat yourself to Cherry Jaffa Cakes and discover a blissful taste.


What are Cherry Jaffa Cakes?

Cherry Jaffa Cakes are a tasty new twist on the classic treat. They have a cherry center and a chocolate coat. This brings a fun new flavor to the beloved Jaffa Cake.

Where did French Glacé Cherries originate?

In 1868, French confectioners introduced candied cherries to the UK. These became known as French Glacé Cherries. They are a key part of British baking, loved for keeping their shape and taste when baked.

What are the new flavors of Jaffa Cakes?

The new Jaffa Cakes flavors are raspberry and cherry. They have a light sponge, a chocolate layer, and a fruity filling. These treats are delicious and refreshing.

Where can I buy the new Jaffa Cake variants?

The new Jaffa Cake flavors are in supermarkets like Aldi and Tesco. Look in the dessert aisle. They’re a perfect treat for anyone who loves sweets.

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