Cherries for Fruit Cake

Selecting the Best Cherries for Your Fruit Cake: A Guide

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Cherries are a crucial ingredient for a tasty fruit cake. They give flavor and texture. Knowing which cherries to pick is vital. We will look at various kinds of cherries in this guide. Each type brings something special to your fruit cake.

Sweet Cherries: Snack Away

Are you searching for a tasty, healthy snack? Sweet cherries fit the bill perfectly. They have bright colors and a sweet flavor. This makes them look good and taste great. You can find sweet cherries in most stores, so they’re easy to get for everyone.

There are about 900 varieties of these awesome fruits. Each one is unique and comes in colors like deep red and light yellow-pink. Their high sugar content makes them taste sweet and amazing. It’s no wonder they’re a favorite snack for many people.

Sweet cherries are also known for their firm flesh. This makes them crunchy and fun to eat. Popular varieties include Bing, Rainier, and Lambert. Each type has its special taste that you’ll love.

Buying and Storing Tips

Here’s some advice for picking out sweet cherries. Look for ones that are shiny and without many bruises. Contrary to popular belief, having stems doesn’t mean they’re fresher. The key is to choose cherries that look good and are not damaged.

Usually, sweet cherries are already ripe when picked. You can keep them at room temperature for a few days. Or, store them in the fridge to make them last longer. Aim to eat them within a week to enjoy their best taste and texture.

Sweet cherries are more than just a snack. You can include them in many dishes. Their juice and sweet taste work well in fruit cakes, salads, and desserts. So, pick up a few and enjoy their wonderful flavor!

Sweet Cherry Varieties Color Taste
Bing Dark red Sweet and slightly tart
Rainier Yellow with a blush of red Extremely sweet
Lambert Dark red Sweet and juicy

Sour Cherries: Get Baking

Sour cherries, also named tart cherries, are star players in baking. They stand out with their unique taste and features. With less sugar but high acid, they make dishes pop with brightness. This includes adding flavor to fruit cakes.

Sour cherries are soft and break apart when cooked. This makes them great for making jams or pie fillings. You might find sour cherries frozen or canned because they’re not always in stores. They’re most available in July, making them exclusive and sought-after.

Sour cherries are great for more than just snacking. They’re bright in cooking, drying, canning, or making juice. When cooked, their natural sugars concentrate, making them taste even sweeter in your treats.

When buying sour cherries, choose plump ones with soft stems. This means they’re ripe and tasty.

Cooking Tips for Sour Cherries:

  • When using sour cherries in your baking, consider adding some sugar to balance their sourness. Or mix them with sweet ingredients like vanilla.
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves are great spices to add with sour cherries. These flavors make your desserts even tastier.
  • To keep your cherries tasting fresh, freeze them in a single layer first. Then, move them to a freezer bag. This keeps them from sticking together and helps with portioning for future use.
  • With sour cherries, you can make a variety of desserts like pies, tarts, and crumbles. Try different recipes to find your favorite. Sour cherries bring a unique, natural tartness to dishes.

Why Bakers Love Sour Cherries:

Sour cherries have a sharp, lively taste that lifts up desserts. Their natural tang contrasts sweetness perfectly. Besides the classic cherry pie, they work well in many baked goods, making desserts memorable.


Choosing cherries for your fruit cake is key. You can pick between sweet and sour cherries. Each brings something special to your baked treats.

Sweet cherries are a great choice. They are firm with lots of natural sugar. Perfect for a simple snack or to sweeten your cake. They come in many colors. You can keep them at room temp or in the fridge, ready for your baking needs.

Sour cherries offer a different taste. They are tangy with less sugar and high acidity. This makes them stand out in your dessert, adding a nice contrast. They are particularly good for cherry jams or fillings, giving your cake a rich flavor.

Don’t be afraid to try different cherry types. Let their natural flavors enhance your baking. Sweet or sour, cherries will make your fruit cake stand out. It will be loved by all on any occasion.


Are sweet cherries and sour cherries the same?

Sweet cherries and sour cherries differ in taste, texture, and acidity. Sweet cherries are sweet with firm flesh, great for snacks. Sour cherries are less sweet, very tangy, and they’re perfect for baking.

Can I use sweet cherries instead of sour cherries in a fruit cake?

You can choose sweet cherries for a fruit cake if you’d like. They’re sweeter and don’t offer sourness. The cake will taste and feel different but can still be great.

Where can I buy sweet cherries and sour cherries?

Sweet cherries are easily found in grocery stores. They’re usually in the fresh produce part. For sour cherries, look for them frozen, canned, or seek them out at special markets around July.

How should I store sweet cherries and sour cherries?

Keep sweet cherries at room temp for a few days, or chill for longer. Choose cherries that are shiny and free of bruises. Sour cherries are often sold frozen or canned. Just follow what the package says for storing.

How long can I keep sweet cherries and sour cherries?

For the best taste, eat sweet cherries within a week. They might turn mealy if kept too cold. The life of sour cherries varies by type. Fresh ones last a few days, while canned or frozen ones keep longer.

Can I use cherries other than sweet or sour cherries in a fruit cake?

You can try other cherry types in fruit cakes, not just sweet or sour. Remember, the taste and texture will differ. Testing a small amount first is a smart move.

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