Amish Baked Custard Recipe

Country Comfort: Amish Baked Custard Recipe

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Welcome to a world where simple joys meet tasty treats. Today, we share the Amish Baked Custard Recipe. It’s a traditional dessert that feels like a hug in a bowl. Its creamy texture takes you to a warm, loving kitchen.

This recipe shines with a few ingredients, showing less is more. To start, you need 4 large eggs. They make the custard rich and deep in taste.

Half a cup of granulated sugar adds just the right sweetness. It makes the dish delicious without being too sweet or heavy.

A pinch of salt brings out the dessert’s flavors. Just half a teaspoon, or 3 grams, makes a big difference. It makes your taste buds happy.

Vanilla extract, about 1 teaspoon or 4 grams, enhances the custard. It gives the dessert a welcoming scent and ups the comfort factor.

The recipe also includes 4 cups, or 32 ounces, of 2% milk. This adds creaminess, making a smooth base for the dessert.

Half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg adds warmth. This spice makes the custard more interesting and comforting.

Making this custard is about putting in effort with love. You beat the eggs, heat the milk, and mix them carefully. This creates a custard that’s smooth and tempting.

One serving of this custard is packed with goodness. It has about 116 kcal, 14g carbohydrates, and more nutritious benefits.

With the Amish Baked Custard Recipe, cozy kitchen moments await. Make this dessert and enjoy a taste of love and nostalgia.

Easy and Versatile: Homemade Egg Custard Recipe

If you’re after a tasty and flexible dessert, this homemade egg custard recipe is perfect. It’s an old favourite, passed down through families for its simple yet amazing taste. With just a few ingredients, you can make a dessert that’ll win over everyone.

To make this delicious custard, you will need:

  • 5-6 eggs (depending on size)
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated or regular milk)
  • 4 cups of very hot water
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt

First, turn your oven on to 325°F. Beat the eggs in a bowl until they’re fluffy. Slowly mix in the sweetened condensed milk and hot water. Add the vanilla extract and salt, mixing everything together well.

Then, put the mixture into a casserole dish or small cups. Sprinkle nutmeg on top for flavour. Put them in a large pan. Add hot water to the pan, up to half the height of the dishes.

It’s baking time now. Bake in the oven for 1 hour. The edges should be firm, but the middle slightly soft. For smaller jars, bake only 45-50 minutes to avoid overcooking.

After baking, let the custard cool in the fridge before serving. Enjoy it warm or cold. It fits any event well.

This egg custard recipe is great because it’s made from simple ingredients you probably already have. Keeping eggs and sweetened condensed milk ready means you can make this treat anytime.

Want to try something new? Turn it into a creme brulee. Just add sugar on top and caramelise it with a torch. You’ll get a fancy, crunchy dessert that’s sure to impress.

This custard, whether served warm or cold, is bound to be loved by your family. Its creamy feel, deep taste, and comforting quality make it ideal for any time. So, why not make this simple, adaptable custard? Your taste buds will be grateful!

Creating Memories: Amish Baked Custard with a Twist

This Amish Baked Custard recipe turns the traditional dessert into something special. It’s made with eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, milk, and ground nutmeg. This mix gives the custard a creamy and comforting taste. The custard is cooked in ramekins placed in a water bath. This is done until the edges set but the middle stays a bit wobbly.

After cooling, you can enjoy this vanilla custard cold or warm, as you like. Add a dollop of whipped cream for a luxurious finish. The smooth custard, a hint of nutmeg, and light cream blend into a delightful experience.

This dessert is perfect for bringing back old memories or making new ones. It’s easy to make for any special event. Get your ingredients ready, follow the simple steps, and savour the Amish Baked Custard. Let its creamy taste fill you with feelings of warmth, love, and homemade joy.


What is the Amish Baked Custard Recipe?

The Amish Baked Custard Recipe is a classic dessert known for its comfort. It’s smooth with a hint of nutmeg. The dessert is cooked in small pots, sitting in a tray of hot water. You can enjoy it cool or at room temperature.

What are the ingredients for the homemade egg custard recipe?

This recipe needs simple things: eggs, milk, sugar, and a bit of salt. You’ll also add vanilla and ground nutmeg. These ingredients make a delicious dessert. It’s also a great way to use fresh eggs.

How is the Amish Baked Custard with a Twist different?

The Amish Baked Custard with a Twist is creamy and delightful. Apart from the usual ingredients, you can serve it cold or warm. Adding whipped cream makes it extra special. This recipe brings back memories and helps make new ones.


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