Amish Custard Recipe

Homestead Treat: Amish Custard Recipe

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Amish Custard Pie is perfect after a big meal. It’s super smooth and addictive. You make it with milk, eggs, sugar, and nutmeg. You’ll find these ingredients in your kitchen. The mix is put into an Amish Never Fail Pie Crust and baked. This dessert is loved in the UK and can be eaten warm or cold.

This pie brings a cozy feeling to any event. The creamy filling and flaky crust are a dreamy pair. It’s great for sharing with loved ones or enjoying alone. Everyone will be impressed by this pie.

Making Amish Custard Pie is easy. With simple steps and a few ingredients, it’s quickly ready. It makes 12 servings, so there’s enough for everyone.

Start by heating your oven to 350°F. Use a 9 ½-inch dish for the best crust and filling balance. The pie cooks for 45 to 50 minutes until golden. Let it cool completely before cutting. This makes it stay creamy.

Don’t wait to try this recipe. Treat your friends and family to Amish Custard Pie. Follow our Amish Custard Recipe for instructions and tips. Enjoy every creamy bite.

The Perfect Amish Custard Pie Recipe

To whip up an amazing Amish Custard Pie, gather these ingredients:

  • Amish Never Fail Pie Crust
  • sugar
  • all-purpose flour
  • eggs
  • salt
  • vanilla extract
  • whole milk
  • nutmeg or cinnamon

Start by heating your oven and preparing a pie dish with the pie crust. In a big bowl, mix the sugar, flour, eggs, salt, and vanilla together. Heat the milk gently, then combine it slowly with the egg mix, stirring well.

Sieve the mix into the pie crust. Dust it with nutmeg or cinnamon. Bake until it’s just set. It’s key to avoid over-baking to keep the filling creamy. Once done, let the pie cool down before you cut it.

Making the perfect Amish Custard Pie is not as hard as it seems. You just need a few simple bits and pieces and clear instructions. The delicious pie you’ll make will certainly wow your loved ones. The secret lies in using the Amish Never Fail Pie Crust for a flawless custard base.

“This Amish Custard Pie recipe has been handed down through generations. It’s a beloved family dessert that always pleases.”

When mixing the custard, whisk the components well for a smooth mix. The addition of nutmeg or cinnamon brings a cozy, inviting taste, making the pie even more special. Be sure to strain the custard to get rid of any lumps before it goes into the crust.

Once your pie is baked and has cooled down, it’s ready to serve. Enjoy the Amish Custard Pie either warm or chilled, as you prefer. This pie is a perfect treat for any time, whether on a cold night or a sunny day.

Tips for Success:

  • Make sure the pie crust is baked until golden before you add the custard.
  • Don’t over-bake to keep the custard creamy.
  • Let the pie cool fully before slicing for the best texture.
  • Try different spices to make the pie your own.
  • A dollop of whipped cream or scoop of ice cream makes it extra tasty.

This Amish Custard Pie recipe lets you enjoy a traditional delight that’s cozy and yummy. It’s perfect for any occasion or just a casual evening treat. You might find it becomes a cherished recipe in your family for years!

Enjoying Amish Custard Pie

Amish Custard Pie is tasty whether you eat it warm or cold. It’s a perfect treat for any weather. To enjoy it warm, just heat it up briefly. Make sure it cools completely before cutting. This helps it set right.

This dessert is ideal for any time of the year and fits all occasions. Its classic taste is a hit with everyone. It works great for family meals, parties, or potlucks. This recipe is always a favourite.

Ready to serve your pie? Try adding something extra. A bit of cinnamon or some whipped cream makes it even better. But remember, always serve with love. Your loved ones will admire the care you put into this sweet treat.


What is Amish Custard Pie?

Amish Custard Pie is a creamy, delightful sweet treat. It features milk, eggs, sugar, and nutmeg. All baked in an Amish Never Fail Pie Crust. It’s great after a big meal.

What are the ingredients needed to make Amish Custard Pie?

For the perfect pie, gather Amish Never Fail Pie Crust, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, vanilla, whole milk, and nutmeg or cinnamon.

How do I make Amish Custard Pie?

Start by heating your oven and getting the pie dish ready with the crust. Mix sugar, flour, eggs, salt, and vanilla together in a bowl. Then, warm up the milk and gradually mix it into the eggs.

Strain this mix into your pie crust, add some nutmeg or cinnamon on top, and bake till it’s just right. Let it cool down before you cut a slice.

Can Amish Custard Pie be served warm or cold?

Definitely, it’s good both warm and chilled. If you prefer it warm, heat it up a bit before serving. But remember, let it cool down first if you’re cutting it.

Is Amish Custard Pie a versatile dessert?

Absolutely! Amish Custard Pie suits any time of the year and any event. It’s cosy for cold days and refreshing when it’s hot. This pie is a classic choice that always fits right in.


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