Recipe for Apple Custard Pie

Orchard Delight: Recipe for Apple Custard Pie

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If making apple pie crust seems hard, this Apple Custard Pie recipe is for you. It combines the sharp taste of apples with creamy custard. Your taste buds will love it.

The pie’s main highlight is its tangy apples. They’re soft yet still slightly firm. Fresh from the orchard, these apples bring a flavor burst. A smooth custard mixes with them. It makes the pie silky and creamy.

This recipe’s magic lies in how it balances tastes. Spices enhance the apples’ tanginess. This mix creates a taste you’ll want more of. Fresh apples and creamy custard turn this pie into a special treat.

Get ready for the cozy feel of homemade Apple Custard Pie. Perfect for yourself or a gathering, this pie will please everyone. Don’t wait any longer. Make your kitchen a warm orchard space and bake this amazing pie today!

Organic Washington Apples: The Key Ingredient

This recipe stars Organic Washington Apples from Washington State’s top apple region. The area is famous for its perfect growing conditions. These include nutrient-packed soil and just the right climate. Over 90% of the US’s organic apples come from here, making it a leader in the field.

The quality and taste of apples depend highly on their source. That’s why Organic Washington Apples are our choice for making the tastiest apple custard pie. These apples benefit from the region’s natural gifts. They’re grown by the top organic apple farmers in Washington State.

Washington State excels in apple production thanks to its unique setup. Factors like volcanic soil rich in nutrients give the apples everything they need to grow well.

In Washington, the dry climate is ideal for apple trees. It encourages apples to become sweet and tangy with the best texture. This weather also fights off tree diseases. So, you get healthy, quality fruit.

Washington’s leading organic apple growers focus on eco-friendly farming. They use natural ways to keep pests away and avoid harmful chemicals. This means their apples are safe and clean.

The Benefits of Organic Washington Apples

Our apple custard pie uses Organic Washington Apples for unbeatable flavor. Plus, these apples are packed with nutrients. They make the pie both tasty and healthy. Organic Washington Apples are full of:

  • High vitamin C for immune support
  • Fiber for a healthy digestion
  • Antioxidants to fight off damage and inflammation
  • Minerals like potassium and magnesium for body functions

Choosing these apples means every slice of our pie offers the best and healthiest apples out there. They’re known for their top-notch quality and taste.

“Organic Washington Apples are the secret ingredient that sets our apple custard pie apart. Their natural goodness and superior taste make all the difference in creating a truly remarkable dessert.” – Chef Sarah Thompson

Enjoy our apple custard pie, knowing you’re tasting Organic Washington Apples at their best. These apples come from dedicated organic growers in Washington State’s heart. It’s a treat with a difference.

Key Features of Organic Washington Apples Benefits
Nutrient-rich soil Enhances the nutritional content of the apples
Arid climate Produces apples with exceptional sweetness and texture
Leading organic apple producer Ensures high-quality and sustainable farming practices

German Crustless Apple Pie: A Delightful Variation

Apfelkuchen, or German Crustless Apple Pie, is a modern twist on the traditional apple cake. It lets the apple flavours really stand out. This pie is loved all across Germany.

This version skips the pastry crust found in regular pies. Instead, it uses a creamy batter which holds the apples together. This makes the pie feel more like a dessert.

The German Crustless Apple Pie can be made in many ways. Some people sprinkle cinnamon on top, while others add whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. It’s a versatile recipe that everyone can enjoy in their own way.

A Healthy Indulgence

The German Crustless Apple Pie is not only delicious but also healthy. It uses organic Washington apples, known for their quality.

Over 90% of the U.S.’s certified organic apples come from Washington State. These apples are handpicked to ensure they’re just right. They’re juicy and packed with nutrients.

A medium-sized apple has just 72 calories and 19 grams of carbs. It’s also a good source of fibre and vitamin C, which are great for digestion and your immune system.

Eating a medium apple each day helps meet your fruit and vegetable intake. Canada’s Food Guide recommends 7 to 10 servings a day. An apple counts as one of these servings.

Discover the Delight

Don’t miss trying the German Crustless Apple Pie. It’s a fantastic take on the classic Apfelkuchen. With its creamy batter and tangy apples, it’s a hit with pie lovers.

German Crustless Apple Pie

This pie’s smooth texture and the sweet taste of Washington apples make it special. It’s an experience you’ll love!


This Recipe for Apple Custard Pie mixes the classic apple pie taste with ease. No need to struggle with crust making. The mix of creamy custard and tangy apples balances the flavours beautifully.

It’s perfect whether you love traditional apple pie or fancy trying something like the German Crustless Apple Pie. Give into the cosy Orchard Delight with this yummy apple custard pie recipe.


Can I substitute the Organic Washington Apples with a different variety of apple?

Yes, you can choose a different variety of apple. But, Organic Washington Apples are recommended for top results. They make the pie stand out with their tangy flavor and soft texture.

Can I make the Apple Custard Pie in advance?

Indeed, you can prepare the pie ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. To ensure the best texture, add the custard right before you bake the pie.

Can I freeze the Apple Custard Pie?

You can freeze it. Just wrap the pie well with plastic wrap or put it in a sealed container. Make sure to thaw it overnight in the fridge before you enjoy it.

How long will the Apple Custard Pie stay fresh?

Stored in the fridge, the Apple Custard Pie remains fresh for 2-3 days. For the best flavor and texture, it’s best enjoyed within the first couple of days.

Can I make individual-sized portions of the Apple Custard Pie?

Yes, you can! Use individual pie dishes or ramekins for single servings. Remember, smaller portions might bake quicker, so adjust your baking time.


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