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Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Are you into lemon desserts? Then, the Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake must ring a bell. But does it live up to its hype? Let’s dive in and explore!

A Comparison of M&S and Lidl Lemon Drizzle Cakes

The reporter explored Lemon Drizzle Cakes at Marks and Spencer (M&S) and Lidl. These two cakes, although having the same classic taste, differed greatly in quality.

Lidl’s Lemon Drizzle Cake, priced at £1.69, is great for those watching their wallet. But, its taste doesn’t quite hit the mark. The icing was nice, but the buttercream tasted fake, and the lemon was weak.

On the flip side, M&S’s Lemon Drizzle Cake is the top choice. It costs £3 but is worth it for a more lavish treat. Its lemon flavor is bold and zingy, perfectly matched by the icing. The cake itself is moist and fluffy, making each bite a delight.

M&S’s cake scored an 8 out of 10, showing it’s better in flavor. Lidl’s version got a 4 out of 10, pointing out its flaws.


“The M&S Lemon Drizzle Cake was a revelation. Its vibrant lemon flavor and moist texture truly set it apart,” remarked the reporter. “On the other hand, the Lidl cake fell flat in comparison, with its artificial taste and lack of prominent lemon notes.”

Brands Price Taste Overall Rating
M&S £3 Zesty and tangy with a moist sponge 8/10
Lidl £1.69 Artificial taste with subdued lemon flavor 4/10

The M&S Lemon Drizzle Cake clearly triumphs over Lidl’s, both in taste and quality. Even with a higher price, it’s the go-to for a superior lemon cake experience. This elite cake pleases both the taste and texture senses, making a memorable impact.

Asda’s Taste Match Campaign Against M&S

Asda is leading the way with a new taste match campaign to challenge M&S. They’ve been doing blind taste tests of their products against M&S quality goods. And it turns out, many of Asda’s items taste just as good or even better than M&S’s.

The goal is to show that you can get top-quality food at Asda for less. Their ads and store signs are making sure everyone knows this. They want customers to choose Asda over M&S.

“At Asda, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy top-notch quality and incredible flavors without breaking the bank. Our taste match campaign is a testament to our commitment to offering our customers the very best culinary experience at unbeatable prices,” says Asda’s spokesperson.

M&S stands firm, highlighting their ongoing focus on quality and innovation. Their CEO, Stuart Machin, says they put a ton of care into every product. They aim to deliver a dining experience that can’t be beaten.

This clash between Asda and M&S has captured people’s attention. It’s giving shoppers a chance to compare both stores on taste, quality, and budget. Which one will they choose?

Asda Taste Match Campaign Highlights:

  • Blind taste tests pitting Asda against luxury M&S
  • Research finding Asda’s food to be just as tasty or better
  • Ads and signs challenging M&S’s foodhall offerings
  • Emphasizing great quality and taste at affordable prices

Asda’s campaign is changing how we think. It’s saying great taste doesn’t have to cost a lot. They’re inviting us to try Asda, where hidden treasures and top culinary finds await.

asda taste match campaign

Taste Comparison Chart

Product Asda M&S
Lemon Drizzle Cake 9/10 8/10
Chocolate Chip Cookies 8/10 7/10
Chicken Tikka Masala 9/10 8/10

The chart shows Asda often wins in taste tests, beating M&S from time to time. This reinforces Asda’s message: amazing taste is within reach for everyone.


The Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake is worth all the buzz. It’s not just tasty, but its sponginess makes it a great treat. And it looks luxurious too, which is a bonus.

This cake might cost a bit more than Lidl’s alternative, but it’s a premium pick. The quality of the M&S cake stands out. It gives lemon drizzle cake fans a top-notch choice.

Don’t forget about Asda’s taste match campaign, though. It’s a reminder that costly options might not be better always. Trying different cakes helps you find what you love the most. It’s a fun way to explore varied flavors.


Is the Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake worth the hype?

Yes, the Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake is worth the hype. It’s bursting with a rich zesty flavor. It’s moist and spongy, with a luxurious look.

How does the Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake compare to Lidl’s Lemon Drizzle Cake?

The Marks and Spencer Lemon Drizzle Cake beats Lidl’s. It’s more flavorful and of better quality. Lidl’s cake has a less tasty buttercream and a mild lemon taste. Meanwhile, the Marks and Spencer cake wows with its strong lemon flavor and perfect icing.

What is Asda’s taste match campaign against Marks and Spencer?

Asda compares its products to high-end brands like Marks and Spencer. They want to show that their cheaper products are just as good. The campaign features blind taste tests and challenges Marks and Spencer’s claims in their ads.

How does Marks and Spencer respond to Asda’s taste match campaign?

Marks and Spencer CEO Stuart Machin focused on the things that set them apart. He talked about their commitment to quality, welfare, and innovation in their products.

Should I try other options besides Marks and Spencer for Lemon Drizzle Cake?

Marks and Spencer is top for lemon drizzle cake lovers, but exploring other options can be fun. Asda’s campaign shows that price doesn’t always mean the best tasting.

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