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Taste Testing Marks and Spencer’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

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Have you tried Marks and Spencer’s lemon drizzle cake? A recent taste test by compared it to Asda’s M&S Taste Match range. Testers checked its taste, texture, and flavor, and the winner is clear.

Marks and Spencer’s lemon drizzle cake was the favorite. Testers loved its simple yet delicious taste. They found its moist sponge full of tangy lemon and sweet icing hard to resist. Even though Asda’s cake was affordable and looked good, it couldn’t beat Marks and Spencer’s in taste and quality.

This cake is really something special. Keep an eye out to learn more about this English tea-time favorite. You’ll see how it stands up to lemon drizzle cakes from other stores.

Lemon Drizzle Cake: A British Tea-Time Classic

Lemon drizzle cake is a favorite in Britain for tea time. It’s known for its tangy yet sweet taste. This cake is a lemon-flavored sponge that’s both moist and tender. After baking, it gets a drizzle of lemon juice and sugar. This makes it even more flavorful and moist.

This cake is wonderful to have with tea in the afternoon. It’s refreshingly bright. But, it’s also a great snack any time of day.

Lemon drizzle cake has become more popular lately. At places like Marks and Spencer, you can find your own version. This shows how many people love this sweet and tangy cake.

“The combination of the zesty lemon flavor and the tender texture of the cake makes it a delightful indulgence.”

Comparing Lemon Drizzle Cakes from Different Supermarkets

A taste test by The Sun looked at eight lemon drizzle cakes from different shops. They checked for looks, size, feel, and taste. The tasters decided Marks and Spencer’s cake was the best. It was loved for looking nice, being moist, and having a strong lemon taste. Morrisons’ cake came in second. It had a nice mix of flavors and a cool look.

The cakes showed big differences in sweetness, feel, and taste. Some didn’t do well in all areas.

Let’s compare lemon drizzle cakes from various shops:

Supermarket Appearance Texture Taste
Marks and Spencer Neat Moist Intense lemon flavor
Morrisons Mottled Good balance Delicious
Tesco Inconsistent Dry Mediocre
Sainsbury’s Appealing Spongy Subtle taste
Aldi Amateurish Dense Lackluster
Lidl Unimpressive Rough Bland
Waitrose Elegant Light Underwhelming
Co-op Messy Crumbly Lack of flavor

Marks and Spencer’s lemon cake really was the best. The test showed it was beautiful, moist, and very lemony. Morrisons’ cake came next, praised for its look and flavor. But other stores didn’t do as well. Their cakes were off in looks or taste. If you want the top lemon drizzle cake, go to Marks and Spencer.


In a taste test by and The Sun, Marks and Spencer’s lemon drizzle cake came out on top. It won because of its simple taste, moist sponge, and strong lemon flavor. Other stores sell similar cakes, but Marks and Spencer’s always wins for taste and quality. For the best lemon drizzle cake, Marks and Spencer’s is the clear favorite. It offers amazing taste and texture that no one can resist.


What is a lemon drizzle cake?

A lemon drizzle cake is famous in Britain as a tea-time favorite. It’s a lemon-flavored sponge topped with lemon juice and sugar syrup. This gives it a zesty taste and keeps it moist.

What makes Marks and Spencer’s lemon drizzle cake stand out?

Marks and Spencer’s cake wowed testers with its simple yet tasty flavor and moist texture. It topped all other supermarket cakes in taste tests. Both and The Sun rated it highly, naming it the best.

Is Marks and Spencer’s lemon drizzle cake more expensive than other options?

Yes, it is pricier than cakes from other stores. But, its top-notch quality and amazing taste make the cost worthwhile for a treat.

Can I find lemon drizzle cakes at other supermarkets?

Yes, lemon drizzle cakes are available at many supermarkets. Yet, Marks and Spencer’s cake wins in taste and quality tests against its rivals.

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