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Testing the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake: A Review

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Do you love lemon cakes? Then you’re going to enjoy this review. We did a big taste test with many lemon drizzle cakes. The goal was to find the best one. The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake stood out. It’s famous for its tasty flavor and beautiful look.

Supermarket cakes are popular because they’re easy to get and not too expensive. But picking the best one can be hard since there are so many. Our taste test carefully looked at each cake’s look, size, feel, taste, and cost.

Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake: It was the top pick in our taste test. This cake is moist and packed with lemon flavor. It looks good too, with a sugary glaze that makes it sweet and smooth. It was the right size and cost £3.50, making it a great buy.

Keep reading to learn more about supermarket lemon drizzle cakes. We’ll talk about their look, taste, and cost. Plus, we’ll give our final thoughts. If you enjoy lemon cakes or are looking for a good one, this review will help you decide.

Appearance and Taste of Supermarket Lemon Drizzle Cakes

Supermarket lemon drizzle cakes come in many looks to fit all tastes. They can be fully iced or have a light sugar glaze. This makes them look tasty and attracts buyers.

These cakes often have a surprise layer that boosts the flavor. This layer might be buttercream, zesty lemon curd, or both. It makes the cake tastier and more interesting.

The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake was the favorite in the taste test. It looked stunning and tasted just as good. It had the right amount of sweetness and tartness, winning many hearts.

The Morrisons cake was liked for its simple style and light lemon taste. Even without a filling layer, it impressed many who don’t like their cakes too sweet.

“I found cakes with a filling layer too rich,” said Grace Thompson, a tester. “I like the straightforward taste of the Morrisons cake more. It hit the spot for me.”

Cakes with heavy frosting didn’t do well in the taste test. Their icing was too much, masking the lemon’s flavor and adding unnecessary sweetness.

The Sainsbury’s cake faced a problem when being cut. It crumbled easily, which hurt its look. But, it still tasted good and had a nice texture, earning it a place as a fine choice for lemon cake lovers.

The Perfect Blend of Flavor and Texture

The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake shines thanks to its great taste and feel. Its moist, light texture goes perfectly with the sharp lemon taste. This combo is hard to beat.

There’s a joy in every bite of this cake, thanks to its soft crumb and zesty drizzle. It’s moist yet light, making it a hit among lemon cake fans.

Besides that, the cake’s golden look is inviting. It begs to be tried, whether at a party or for tea time. Visually stunning and a joy to eat, this cake has it all.

Price Comparison of Supermarket Lemon Drizzle Cakes

Looking to buy a lemon drizzle cake from a store? It’s smart to compare prices first. Here’s what various supermarkets charge for these cakes:

Supermarket Regular Price (£) Current Offers
Sainsbury’s £3 Reduced to £2.25
Tesco £3 £2.25 with Clubcard
Morrisons £2.99 No current offers
Asda £2.85 On offer for £2
Lidl £2.19 No current offers
Marks and Spencer (M&S) £3.50 No current offers

Lemon drizzle cakes have different prices at each store. Sainsbury’s and Tesco have their cakes on a special offer at £2.25. Morrisons sells theirs for £2.99, while Asda’s is now £2. Lidl offers the cheapest cake at £2.19. At £3.50, Marks and Spencer’s cake costs the most.

The size of the cake can change its price. Despite being pricier, Marks and Spencer’s cake is bigger at 435g.

Look out for deals on your favorite cakes. Now, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have discounts on their cakes.

Lemon Drizzle Cakes

After checking the prices, you can pick the best lemon drizzle cake for you, budget, and taste.


The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake won the taste test. It caught everyone’s eye with its looks. It tasted amazing and had a great texture too.

Even though it costs more, people think it’s worth it. It beat all its rivals not only in taste. It also left a strong memory in everyone who tried it.

The Morrisons cake came in second. It stood out with its special qualities. Its price at £2.99 makes it a good value pick without losing quality.

The range of lemon drizzle cakes in supermarkets shows there’s something for every taste and budget. This variety lets customers make great choices for their dessert needs.

In the end, the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake is the top choice. Its amazing taste and quality prove it’s worth the price. Lemon cake lovers should head to Marks and Spencer for an exceptional treat.

The decision is clear. The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake is the winner hands down.


How was the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake tested?

The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake was tested in a taste test. This test compared lemon drizzle cakes. They were from stores like Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S, and Lidl.

What factors were considered in the taste test?

The test looked at the cakes’ appearance, taste, and texture.

How did the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake perform in the taste test?

It won the test. People liked its look, taste, and feel more than others.

How did the Morrisons Lemon Cake rank in the taste test?

Despite its uneven top, the Morrisons Lemon Cake placed second.

What were the variations in appearance among the supermarket lemon drizzle cakes?

Supermarket lemon drizzle cakes looked different. Some had icing while others had a sugar glaze.

Did the supermarket lemon drizzle cakes have fillings?

Most had a filling between layers. This could be buttercream, lemon curd, or both. But Morrisons and M&S cakes did not have any filling.

What were the price differences among the supermarket lemon drizzle cakes?

Prices for these cakes varied. The Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake was the most costly at £3.50. The Morrisons Lemon Cake was cheaper at £2.99.

Were there any current offers on the supermarket lemon drizzle cakes?

Yes, some cakes at Tesco and Sainsbury’s were on offer. This made them cheaper.

Was the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake worth the higher price?

Even though it cost the most, the Marks and Spencer Lemon Cake was the best. Its taste and look make it a great choice for a special drizzle cake.

How does the taste test provide insights for lemon drizzle cake shoppers?

The test helps shoppers understand the choices and quality in supermarket lemon drizzle cakes. It aids in making smart decisions when buying these cakes.

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