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A Review of M&S Lemon Cake: Worth Your Dessert Budget?

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M&S Lemon Cake brings joy to those who love desserts. It’s a treat with a perfect mix of sweet and sour. The cake features a moist sponge with a lemon syrup and icing. This creates an elegant look. It’s not just tasty; it’s also beautiful.

This cake costs £3, which is a bit high. But, it can be shared among six people. This makes it an affordable option for a family treat. If you’re looking for something special and not too expensive, M&S Lemon Cake is a good choice.

A Comparison with Lidl’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

Looking for a tasty and affordable citrus dessert? Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake is a great choice. It offers a mix of flavors and textures that will make your taste buds happy.

The cake is described as very moist and tasty. It uses Sicilian lemon oil, giving it a great flavor. It has lemony buttercream and curd inside. And on top, there’s lemon icing for an extra zesty kick.

Lidl’s cake might not look as fancy as M&S’s. But, its bright yellow color and sweet scent make it inviting. The most important thing, though, is how it tastes. And this cake tastes amazing.

Compared to M&S’s, Lidl’s cake isn’t as good for some. Its buttercream is dense and a bit artificial. Also, the lemon flavor isn’t as strong, which might disappoint fans of bold citrus tastes.

Despite not being as good as M&S’s, Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake is a steal at just £1.69. It’s a great option if you’re watching your budget.

Now, let’s compare M&S’s and Lidl’s lemon drizzle cakes:

Comparison M&S Lemon Drizzle Cake Lidl Lemon Drizzle Cake
Price £3 £1.69
Appearance Elegant and premium Simple but appetizing
Taste Perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess Less prominent lemon flavor, artificial buttercream
Texture Light and spongy Dense and heavy buttercream

Note: The comparison table highlights the key differences between the two lemon drizzle cakes.

Though M&S’s cake is top-notch, Lidl’s budget option is a solid pick. It depends on what you value more: taste or saving money.

Now, the decision is yours. Will it be M&S’s luxury or Lidl’s deal on lemon drizzle cake?

The Verdict: M&S Takes the Crown

The M&S lemon drizzle cake is the best you can find. Our test showed that it’s a true favorite. The cake looks great, tastes wonderful, and gives a lovely experience.

People loved the sponge. It was soft and moist. The lemon taste was just right, not too sweet or sour. The cake’s icing added a perfect bit of tang to the mix.

There’s no filling layer in this cake. But that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying it. The flavor and texture were spot on.

Yes, the M&S cake costs £3, a bit on the pricey side. But it’s worth it for the quality and joy it brings. Each slice is a special treat for any time you eat it.

The M&S lemon drizzle cake scored 8 out of 10. This shows it beats its rivals. Its great taste, texture, and zesty flavor make it stand out. It’s a winner in the world of lemon cakes.

Why not go for the very best? Have a slice of the M&S lemon drizzle cake. Taste the amazing flavors. You’ll want more, guaranteed.


If you love lemon drizzle cake and want something luxurious, try M&S’s version. It looks great, tastes amazing, and is high quality. The cake’s soft sponge with tangy lemon syrup and icing is truly wonderful.

But, if your budget is tight, Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake is a good choice. It might not be as good as M&S’s but costs only £1.69. This makes it great for those watching their wallet.

The decision between M&S and Lidl’s cake is up to you and what you can spend. Choose M&S for prime taste and are ready to spend more. Opt for Lidl’s if looking for a tasty deal that’s easy on the wallet.

Now, treat yourself to the goodness of a lemon cake. Choosing either M&S or Lidl’s will make your day brighter with their lemony delights.


Is the M&S lemon drizzle cake worth the higher price?

Yes, the M&S lemon drizzle cake is worth it. It gives a fancy dessert feel because of how it looks and tastes.

How does the taste of Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake compare to M&S?

Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake’s taste is not as good as M&S. Many think its buttercream is too thick and tastes fake. Also, the lemon taste isn’t strong.

What is the price difference between M&S and Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake?

M&S lemon drizzle cake costs £3. Lidl’s is cheaper at £1.69.

Does Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake offer a satisfactory option for those on a budget?

Yes, Lidl’s lemon drizzle cake is a good budget choice. It’s not as great as M&S but still tasty.

What is the overall rating of M&S lemon drizzle cake?

The M&S lemon drizzle cake gets an 8 out of 10 rating. People really like it.

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