Mary Berry Cherry Bakewell Cake

Mary Berry’s Take on the Classic Cherry Bakewell Cake

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Love the Cherry Bakewell Cake from Britain? Mary Berry’s version is a must-try. She’s a well-known baker from the Great British Baking Show. Her recipe makes a tasty and pretty cake.

This cake, by Mary Berry, brings the Cherry Bakewell to your kitchen. It has a buttery crust, a jam layer, and an almond filling.

Mary Berry makes the cake special by adding almond-flavored icing. She also decorates it with flaked almonds. It looks and tastes amazing, perfect for showing off to loved ones.

Are you into baking or keen to start? Mary Berry’s recipe is a great choice. It’s sweet and might make you a baking fan. This cake lets you enjoy a classic British sweet in every bite!

Mary Berry’s Cherry Bakewell Cake Recipe

If you love old-school British sweets, try Mary Berry’s Cherry Bakewell Cake. It’s a twist on the Bakewell Tart. It mixes great flavors and textures in every bite.

Start by making your own jam. Cook crushed raspberries or tart cherry jam with sugar until it’s thick.

Next, make the pastry dough. Combine flour, butter, icing sugar, egg, and water. Rub the butter into the flour, add icing sugar, then the egg and water. This forms a soft dough.

Roll out the dough and line a fluted tin. Chill the tin while you move on.

Now, get the almond frangipane filling ready. It’s a rich almond mix that makes the cake special.

Spread jam on the pastry, then the frangipane. Bake until golden and firm.

Finally, top it off with almond-flavored icing and flaked almonds. These finish the cake, making it look and taste great.

Mary Berry’s recipe shows why British sweets are loved. The mix of jam, pastry, and almond is pure delight. Make this cake and enjoy its delicious, homey scent.

The Delightful Magic of Baking with Mary Berry

If baking is your thing, knowing Mary Berry is a must. She’s a famous British baker with an amazing career. Over the years, she’s written over 70 cookbooks.

Mary was a judge on The Great British Baking Show, something that made her even more well-known. Her love for baking showed in every episode.

Thanks to her kind nature and passion, many people felt drawn to her. Her recipes are easy to follow, which helps bakers of all levels.

baking inspiration

Her recipes cover everything from sponge cakes to delicious pastries. Mary’s tips make sure your baking turns out great every time.

But Mary is more than just her recipes. She’s loved for her kind heart and the way she supports other bakers. Her excitement for baking is infectious.

No matter if you’re new to baking or an expert, Mary Berry is someone you can rely on. Her recipes and advice will bring out the baker in you. So, put on your apron, turn on the oven, and let Mary Berry’s magic guide your baking.

In Conclusion

Mary Berry adds a twist to the iconic Cherry Bakewell Cake. Her version has a shortbread crust, tangy jam, and a smooth almond filling. It’s finished with almond icing and flaked almonds.

This dish mixes tradition with a fresh, stylish flair. It offers a beautiful blend of buttery tastes, fruity tang, and nutty creaminess. It’s a hit for everyone, from amateurs to experts in the kitchen.

Working with Mary Berry’s recipes offers more than just tasty treats. It’s a chance to get creative in the kitchen, inspired by her love and skill for baking. The Cherry Bakewell Cake is a testament to her culinary talent and is a must-try for anyone into modernized classics.


What is Mary Berry’s recipe for a classic Cherry Bakewell Cake?

Mary Berry’s classic Cherry Bakewell Cake starts with a buttery crust. It then gets a layer of raspberry or tart cherry jam and a rich almond filling. On top, there’s sweet almond icing and flaked almonds for garnish.

How do I make Mary Berry’s Cherry Bakewell Cake?

The first step to making Mary Berry’s Cherry Bakewell Cake is to cook the jam. Mash up raspberries or use tart cherry jam, add sugar, and thicken it up. For the pastry, mix flour, butter, icing sugar, egg, and water. This makes a soft dough. Roll the dough, line a fluted flan tin, and chill in the fridge.

Who is Mary Berry?

Mary Berry is a famous British baker. She’s also written over 70 cookbooks. Many know her as a warm judge on The Great British Baking Show. There, she helped bakers with her baking wisdom and love.

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