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How to Make a Naked Lemon Cake: Tips for a Rustic Look

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Want to make a dessert that is elegant and a bit rustic? Try the naked lemon cake! This cake style by Christina Tosi of Milk Bar is very popular. It has little frosting and shows off its cake layers. Perfect for a wedding, shower, or birthday, it’s bound to amaze your guests.

There are two kinds of naked cakes – semi-naked and true naked. The semi-naked has a bit of frosting on the sides, and the true naked has no frosting at all. Today, we’re looking at the semi-naked. We’ll show you how to make a fantastic naked lemon cake.

First, start with a tasty lemon-flavored cake. Use your go-to recipe or find a new one. After baking and cooling, it’s time to layer on some flavor. Try adding fresh berries, like raspberries, between the cake layers.

A vanilla buttercream frosting goes great with the lemon cake. Spread it smoothly on the cake using a spatula. For that rustic touch, use a bench scraper to lightly scrape the cake’s sides. This gives it a unique look.

Decorating your cake is where you get to be creative. Add personal favorites like fresh flowers, fruit, cookies, or candies on top. Experiment and make a cake that shows off your style.

After decorating, it’s crucial to store and serve the cake right. Refrigerate the cake for a few hours. This makes the frosting stay in place. But remember, naked cakes dry out faster. Assemble it the day you’ll eat it for the best taste.

When serving, put the cake on a stand. This presents its simplicity and charm. Your guests will love the flavors and how beautiful the cake is.

Now you have the know-how to bake a marvelous naked lemon cake. Enjoy making this beautiful and tasty treat. It’s perfect for any celebration or as a delightful dessert anytime.

Tips for Decorating a Naked Lemon Cake

If you want a beautiful and tasty naked lemon cake, check out these tips. They will guide you from picking the best flavors to the final touches. You’ll learn to make a naked cake that’s both pretty and charming.

Lemon cakes are great for naked cakes. They mix well with the light frosting and let the cake layers show through. Use a moist lemon cake recipe that’s bursting with flavor.

After baking and cooling your lemon cake, it’s time to get creative. Add fresh berries like raspberries between the layers. They’ll not only look pretty but also add a juicy texture.

Choosing a classic vanilla buttercream is a good frosting idea. It’s light and creamy, making the lemon cake taste even zestier. Spread the frosting smoothly with a spatula on the top and sides.

To give your cake a rustic look, use a bench scraper. Gently scrape the frosting to show the cake layers. Remember, this style thrives on being a bit imperfect.

Then, make your naked lemon cake unique. You can add fresh flowers for a natural and elegant look. Or, use slices of lemons or oranges to boost the lemony flavor.

If you like sweet decorations, try cookies or candies. Macarons are dainty, while meringue kisses are playful. Chocolate shavings or caramel make the cake more indulgent.

Always aim for a simple yet beautiful design for your naked lemon cake. Be creative and enjoy the process of making it look special.

Storage and Presentation of Naked Lemon Cake

After decorating, store your naked lemon cake right to keep it fresh. Put it in the fridge for a few hours before cutting. This makes the frosting steadier for cutting cleaner slices. However, since naked cakes don’t have a full frosting layer, they can dry out. So, it’s best to make the cake on the day you’re going to eat it.

When there’s leftover cake, wrap it in plastic and keep it in the fridge. You can save it for a few days, but it’s better to eat it soon. Putting the cake on a stand shows off its simple, natural look. Your guests will be charmed by the presentation.:


What is a naked cake?

A naked cake has simple decor, and its layers and filling are visible. This style is known for minimal frosting.

Who started the naked cake trend?

In 2013, Christina Tosi kickstarted the naked cake trend. She is the mind behind Milk Bar.

What are the two types of naked cakes?

There are semi-naked and true naked cakes. Semi-naked cakes have a bit of frosting on the sides. True naked cakes have no side frosting.

What occasions are naked cakes suitable for?

Naked cakes are great for celebrations like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. They offer a stylish yet simple look.

How do I create a naked lemon cake?

Start by making a lemon-flavored layer cake. This will be the base for your naked lemon cake.

What frosting is recommended for a naked lemon cake?

For a naked lemon cake, use vanilla buttercream. It enhances the lemon taste. It also lets the cake layers show.

How should I apply the frosting to the cake?

Apply the frosting on top and around the sides with a spatula. Spread it evenly for a polished look.

How can I achieve the rustic look on the cake?

To get the rustic look, use a bench scraper. Run it gently around the cake’s sides. This will create a textured finish.

What decorations can I add to a naked lemon cake?

Decorate your naked lemon cake with items like fresh flowers, fruit, cookies, or candies. They add flavor and a pretty look.

How should I store a naked lemon cake?

Chill the cake for a few hours to set the frosting. Naked cakes dry out faster, so serving on the baking day is best.

How long can I store a naked lemon cake?

You can keep a wrapped leftover cake in the fridge for a few days. Remember, fresher is always better for taste.

How should I present a naked lemon cake?

Display your naked lemon cake on a cake stand. This highlights its beauty. Let your guests enjoy its simplicity.

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