mary berry lemon and elderflower cake

Mary Berry’s Lemon and Elderflower Cake: Elegant and Light

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Enjoy the delicious blend of zesty lemon and fragrant elderflower in Mary Berry’s cake. This cake was modeled after the one at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. It’s perfect for celebrating summer.

Lemon and elderflower mix perfectly, making a cake that’s both light and tasty. It bursts with lemon’s tang, is subtly sweet, and has a hint of flower from the elderflower.

This dessert’s every part is carefully made with lemon in the cake and elderflower in the frosting. Each taste brings a piece of a perfect summer day.

Are you having a special gathering or just want a heavenly treat? Mary Berry’s cake is perfect. It’s elegant and light, fitting for any occasion.

Use the recipe to bake your masterpiece. Discover the wonderful taste of Mary Berry’s cake. It’s a sure way to show off your baking skills.

The Perfect Combination of Flavors

Elderflower cordial is a well-liked drink in the UK. It’s made from fresh elderflowers found in the spring. These flowers are mixed with sugar and water. The mix has a thick, sweet quality. You usually mix it with water to drink.

It has a unique taste, kind of like fresh flowers, which goes well with lemons. Many use it in drinks and sweet treats for this special taste.

In Mary Berry’s cake, the elderflower cordial gives a light sweetness and flowery hint. It makes the cake taste even better.

If you like trying new flavors or recipes, Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake is a must. The mix of sharp lemon and floral elderflower is a great match. It makes for a tasty treat.

The elderflower cordial doesn’t just taste good. It also makes the cake look pretty. Its soft yellow color pairs well with the bright lemons. This makes the cake inviting to eat.

Mary Berry uses elderflower cordial in both the cake layers and the syrup. This boosts the flowery smell and adds a twist to the traditional lemon cake. The mix of lemon and elderflower is a delightful surprise.

Enhancing Flavors with Elderflower Cordial

If you love baking or just enjoy good food, try elderflower cordial. It brings a special, elegant taste to many dishes.

Here are some fun ways to cook with elderflower cordial:

  • Add it to your favorite drinks for a new, flowery taste.
  • Put it on fresh fruit for a simple, sweet dessert.
  • It can be a nice glaze for roasted food. It adds a pleasant sweetness and aroma.

Elderflower cordial’s floral taste makes dishes more interesting. Try it in recipes to see how it makes things different and better.

A Cake Fit for Royalty

Mary Berry’s version of the royal wedding cake is amazing. It was made by Claire Ptak at Violet Cakes in London. The cake has layers of lemon cake and a tasty elderflower syrup. On top, it’s covered with elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream. Now, let’s look at this special dessert in more detail.

The Lemon-Infused Cake Layers

The main part of Mary Berry’s cake is the lemon-infused layers. These layers are full of fresh lemon flavor. They make the cake taste really refreshing.

The Delicate Elderflower Syrup

After the layers bake, they get a coating of elderflower syrup. This syrup adds a light, sweet flower taste. It goes perfectly with the lemon.

The Tangy Lemon Curd Filling

Inside, there’s a tangy lemon curd. It’s made from fresh lemons. This lemon curd is a bit tart and very smooth. It contrasts nicely with the sweet buttercream.

The Luscious Elderflower Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Finally, there’s the elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream. This buttercream is very smooth and light. It has hints of the elderflower’s floral flavor. It all balances with the lemon perfectly.

This cake by Mary Berry looks great and tastes even better. It mixes the fresh citrus of lemons with the sweet flower of elderflower. The cake is light and filled with amazing flavors. It’s perfect for any big day. Or, just enjoy it as a special treat. This cake is a copy of what was at the royal wedding and it’s a big hit.

Claire Ptak lemon and elderflower cake

Layer Key Ingredients
Lemon-infused cake Fresh lemons, flour, sugar, eggs, butter
Elderflower syrup Elderflower cordial, sugar, water
Lemon curd filling Lemons, sugar, eggs, butter
Elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream Egg whites, sugar, butter, elderflower cordial


Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake is truly delightful. It balances zesty lemon with sweet, floral elderflower perfectly. This light cake is perfect for all occasions.

It combines lemon cake, elderflower syrup, lemon curd, and an elderflower buttercream. These flavors and textures mix beautifully. They create a dessert that is both refreshing and decadent.

This cake can be decorated with fresh flowers for elegance. Or kept plain for simplicity. Its flavors and texture make it a year-round favorite.

Use the recipe below to make this royal-inspired dessert. It’s great for birthdays, weddings, or a simple tea with friends. Get ready to impress with this elegant, delicious cake.


What is the flavor profile of Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake?

Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake is refreshing. It blends the lively taste of lemon with the soft floral scent of elderflower. Together, they make a dessert that feels light and classy.

What is elderflower cordial and how is it used in the cake?

Elderflower cordial is a fragrant drink in the UK, crafted from elderflowers, sugar, and water. It tastes distinctly of flowers. In Berry’s cake, it sweetens and perfumes the layers and syrup. This boosts the cake’s overall taste.

Who made the royal wedding cake that inspired Mary Berry’s cake?

Claire Ptak, based at Violet Cakes in London, created the royal wedding cake that sparked Mary Berry’s lemon elderflower version.

What are the key components of Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake?

Mary Berry’s recipe includes cakes with lemon, elderflower syrup, lemon curd, and elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream. It’s a perfect mix of tart, sweet, and floral notes.

Is Mary Berry’s lemon and elderflower cake suitable for all occasions?

Definitely! Berry’s lemon elderflower cake is great for any event. Its great taste and lovely look make it a hit for celebrations or casual meet-ups.

Can I customize the decoration of the cake?

Indeed, you can make it your own with decorations like flowers. But even if you prefer it plain, the taste and look will still wow your guests.

Where can I find the lemon elderflower cake recipe?

You can find the recipe online or in Mary Berry’s cookbooks. It’s a fancy, tasty dessert you can make at home.

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