potato salad recipe with green olives

Zesty Potato Salad with Green Olives Recipe

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Welcome to our delightful zesty potato salad recipe. It’s perfect if you want to spice up the classic salad. We use tangy green olives to add a burst of flavour that everyone will love.

This potato salad is great for picnics, barbecues, or any event. The mix of creamy potatoes, briny olives, and a tasty dressing is both satisfying and refreshing.

Adding green olives to the mix enhances the dish. They bring a lovely tanginess and a splash of colour. This makes the salad not just tasty, but unforgettable.

If you love traditional potato salad, you’ll be thrilled with this version. The recipe is easy to follow. It’s perfect for anyone, from skilled cooks to first-timers.

Let’s explore how to make this amazing potato salad with green olives. Prepare to wow your loved ones with this dish!

We will guide you through making this zesty potato salad. We’ll cover everything from what you’ll need to how to make it. Stay tuned and let’s start cooking!

Introduction to Green Olive Potato Salad

Potato salad is a beloved side that goes well with many dishes. Why not switch it up and try a green olive potato salad? This version brings a unique and zesty twist to the table.

This colorful salad will be a hit at any gathering. It mixes creamy potatoes, tangy olives, and a zesty dressing. It’s easy to make ahead, perfect for any event.

If you’re keen to try making this tasty dish, here is a simple recipe:

  1. Start by boiling 500g of potatoes until tender. Drain and set aside to cool.
  2. In a bowl, combine 150g of green and black olives, 1 tbsp of chopped capers, 1/2 tbsp of mustard, 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar, 30ml of olive oil, 1/2 tbsp of dried mint, 2 tbsp of parsley, 1/2 lemon juice, 1 finely sliced shallot, 1 tsp of pepper, and 1/2 tsp of salt.
  3. Once the potatoes are cool, cut them into bite-sized pieces and add them to the bowl with the olive mixture. Gently toss until the potatoes are coated in the dressing.
  4. Refrigerate the salad for at least 2 hours to allow the flavors to meld together.
  5. Before serving, give the salad a quick stir and taste for seasoning. Adjust with salt and pepper if needed.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these tasty potato salad recipes:

Now, let’s explore the ingredients and how to make this delicious green olive potato salad.

Ingredients and Cooking Instructions

To make this tasty green olive potato salad, you’ll need some key ingredients. Follow these easy steps. Here’s what you need:


  • 1 cup green salad olives with pimentos, drained and sliced
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons yellow mustard
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs, roughly chopped
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

Got everything? Great! Now, let’s start making the salad:

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Put the cubed potatoes in a big pot and cover with water. Sprinkle some salt in the water for flavour.
  2. Heat until the water boils and cook the potatoes until soft, about 10-12 minutes.
  3. While potatoes cook, mix mayonnaise, yellow mustard, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Stir well.
  4. After cooking, drain the potatoes and let them cool a bit.
  5. Take a big bowl and mix in the potatoes, olives, eggs, and parsley.
  6. Add the dressing you prepared over the mix. Toss gently so everything gets coated.
  7. Taste it and add more salt or pepper if you think it needs it.
  8. Wrap the bowl with plastic and put it in the fridge for 1 hour. This lets the flavours blend.
  9. Give it one last toss before serving to spread the dressing again.
  10. If you like, add more fresh parsley on top as garnish.

Your green olive potato salad is ready to be served. Enjoy it with barbecue or take it to a picnic. The mix of mayonnaise, mustard, and olives brings a unique taste to the traditional potato salad. Your guests will love it!

Tips for Making the Perfect Potato Salad

For a delicious potato salad, it’s important to cook the potatoes just right, use a small knife, and make the dish look appealing. These factors lead to a great result.

Timing the Potatoes

To cook your potatoes beautifully, timing is key. If you undercook or overcook them, it will affect how your salad tastes. Firstly, wash and peel the potatoes. Then, chop them into even cubes. You should boil these cubes in salted water until you can easily pierce them with a fork. Just make sure not to overcook and turn them mushy.

Using a Small Blade Knife

A small blade knife is best for chopping potatoes. It cuts down contact with the potato starch, preventing sticking. This way, your potato cubes stay whole and cook evenly.

Visual Appeal of the Dish

Making your potato salad look good is just as important. Add colours with green salad olives and pimentos. They make the dish vibrant and inviting. Garnish with fresh herbs like parsley or chives for an extra touch.

“Timing the potatoes correctly, using a small blade knife, and paying attention to the visual appeal of the dish will elevate your potato wasalad to the next level.”

Follow these steps for an amazing potato salad. Perfect timing cooks the potatoes just right. A small knife keeps the cubes intact. And vibrant colours and garnishes make the dish beautiful.

visual appeal of the dish

Tips for Making the Perfect Potato Salad
Timing the Potatoes
Using a Small Blade Knife
Visual Appeal of the Dish

Variations and Additions

You can make the green olive potato salad your own with endless customizations. By mixing in unique ingredients, you transform this classic into something extraordinary. Try these popular twists and additions for a new flavour experience:

Southern Potato Salad

For a Southern twist, add diced onions and creamy, tangy dressing. This blend is great for fans of sweet and tangy tastes. Don’t forget a spoon of yellow mustard for that special kick.

Warm Potato Salad with Vinaigrette

If you love a lighter, fresher take, try a warm vinaigrette dressing. Mix boiled potatoes with olive oil, lemon, Dijon mustard, and fresh herbs like parsley or chives. The warm dressing soaks the potatoes in vibrant flavours.

German Potato Salad

For a hearty option, go for a German-style potato salad. It’s made with bacon, onions, and warm vinegar dressing. Smoky bacon and tangy dressing blend for a deeply satisfying taste.

Bacon and Sour Cream Potato Salad

Choose a luxe, creamy version by adding crispy bacon and sour cream. The smoky bacon and tangy sour cream make this potato salad rich in flavour.

Enjoy experimenting with these ideas or invent your own. Potato salad excels in versatility, so personalize it to your liking. Whether you want a Southern touch, a light dressing, German savouriness, or creamy bacon, there’s a green olive potato salad for everyone.

Variation Ingredients Instructions
Southern Potato Salad Diced onions, prepared yellow mustard Mix diced onions and prepared yellow mustard with the green olive potato salad. Adjust the quantities according to your taste.
Warm Potato Salad with Vinaigrette Olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, fresh herbs In a bowl, whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and fresh herbs. Toss the boiled potatoes with the vinaigrette while they are still warm.
German Potato Salad Cooked bacon, onions, vinegar-based dressing Cook the bacon until crispy, then crumble it. Add cooked onions and a warm vinegar-based dressing to the green olive potato salad.
Bacon and Sour Cream Potato Salad Crispy bacon, sour cream Cook bacon until crispy, then crumble it. Mix the crumbled bacon and sour cream with the green olive potato salad. Adjust the quantities according to your taste.

Want to make the best potato salad with green olives? You’re in the right place! We’ve got answers to your top questions. Let’s start:

1. Can I use different types of potatoes?

Yes, you can! Although small red potatoes are suggested, try using small yellow or russet potatoes. Cook times might change though. Always test their softness with a sharp knife.

2. How long can I store potato salad?

This salad stays fresh in your fridge for about 4 days. Remember, don’t leave it out in heat for over 2 hours. This helps avoid harmful bacteria.

3. How far in advance can I make potato salad?

Making potato salad 2 days before helps flavors mix well. This results in a tastier dish.

4. Are there any alternative ingredients I can use?

Yes! You can switch things up with sweet pickle relish, dill pickles, bacon, red onions, dill or different vinegars. Feel free to tweak the recipe to your taste!

5. How can I incorporate green olives into my potato salad?

You can add sliced pimento-stuffed green olves for an extra kick. Not keen on green olives? Try a different type or leave them out.

6. What are some other garnishes I can use?

Try topping your salad with hard-boiled eggs and a sprinkle of paprika. These add more flavor and make your salad look great.

7. Can you provide a nutritional breakdown of the potato salad?

Calories Carbohydrates Protein Fat Saturated Fat Sodium Potassium Fiber Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron
281kcal 29g 12g 13g 2g 458mg 1006mg 5g 280IU 25.9mg 98mg 8.1mg

These nutritional values change with different ingredients and sizes. It’s wise to calculate based on what you actually use.

8. Can you recommend any potato salad recipes?

Looking for more potato salad ideas? Check these out:

Each recipe adds a unique twist to the classic, exploring various flavors.

You’re all set to make a great potato salad with green olives. Experiment and customize it as you like!

Storage and Serving Suggestions

After making a tasty green olive potato salad, you’ll want to keep it fresh. Here are tips for storing and serving it at home or outdoor events:

Storing Potato Salad

Keep green olive potato salad in the fridge for up to four days. It’s vital to store it right. Put it in an airtight container or cover the bowl with plastic wrap. This stops air from getting in and keeps it from spoiling.

Potato salad might get a bit watery over time. Stir it well before serving. This mixes the dressing again and keeps the flavor even.

Serving Potato Salad at Outdoor Events

Outdoor events like picnics or barbecues are great for sharing potato salad. To keep it fresh and safe, follow these extra steps:

  • Keep the salad cold until serving time. You can use a cooler with ice packs or set the salad over a bowl of ice. This keeps it cool and stops it from getting too warm.
  • Try serving the salad in individual portions or small containers with lids. This helps each guest get their share without contaminating the rest.
  • Remember to keep the potato salad in the shade when serving. Offer it in small amounts and refill as needed. This prevents it from staying in the heat too long.

These tips will help your green olive potato salad stay tasty. Enjoy it at home or share with friends at outdoor gatherings.


This zesty potato salad with green olives recipe is something you should try. It brings a unique twist to the usual potato salad. The mix of creamy potatoes and tangy olives makes for a tasty and fulfilling flavour.

If you’re throwing a picnic or a barbecue, this potato salad will wow your guests. Its flavourful dressing boosts each bite. It’s truly a pleasure to eat.

Why stick to the standard potato salad when green olives can make it special? Give this recipe a go. You might just find your new favourite dish. It’s sure to have folks coming back for more. Enjoy!


Can I use a different type of potato for this salad?

Yes, you can use different potatoes like Yukon Gold or red ones. Each type brings its own texture and flavour.

Can I substitute the green salad olives with something else?

Certainly, if green olives aren’t your thing, try Kalamata or black olives. Your choice will change the salad’s taste.

Can I make the potato salad ahead of time?

Definitely! It’s actually better the next day when the flavours have mixed. Just remember to keep it in an airtight container in the fridge.

How long can I store the green olive potato salad?

Keep it in the fridge for up to four days. It might get a bit watery, so give it a good stir before serving.

Can I freeze the green olive potato salad?

Freezing isn’t advised because it could affect the texture and taste. It’s best enjoyed fresh or stored in the fridge for a few days.


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