cook's country potato green bean and tomato salad recipe

Cook’s Country Style Potato, Green Bean, and Tomato Salad Recipe

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This Cook’s Country potato, green bean, and tomato salad recipe is ideal for simple summer events. It’s a fresh and wholesome dish you can make ahead. It suits any summer gathering, from barbecues to picnics.

The salad combines tender potatoes, crisp green beans, and ripe tomatoes. Its bright colors and flavors will delight your guests. A zesty lemon herb vinaigrette adds a unique twist, making this dish standout.

Making this salad is straightforward. You can prepare it before your event, letting the flavors merge. This means you get to enjoy time with your friends rather than being stuck in the kitchen.

You can tweak this salad to match your taste by adding different herbs or veggies. For a more filling meal, include grilled chicken or another protein. Its flexibility makes it perfect for any event.

Want to make a tasty yet simple dish for your next gathering? Try this potato, green bean, and tomato salad. It’s ideal for summer events and will simplify your meal planning.

A Light and Fresh Salad for Summer Events

Are you searching for the perfect salad for summer outings like cookouts and barbecues? We’ve got you covered! Our potato, green bean, and tomato salad is fresh and light. Yet, it has indulgent ingredients to please everyone.

Picture a bowl brimming with soft potatoes, crunchy green beans, and ripe tomatoes. They’re all mixed with a zesty lemon herb dressing. It’s the essence of summer and a sure favourite at any gathering.

This salad is special because of how its ingredients blend. Fresh veggies give a crisp bite, while potatoes offer a hearty base. The zingy dressing brings it all together.

But it’s more than just the ingredients that make this salad stand out. It’s about enjoying tasty, healthy food with loved ones under the sun. It’s about making unforgettable moments at summer parties while relishing seasonal tastes.

We have a make-ahead recipe that you can tailor to your taste. You can prepare it early, so you have more time to mingle instead of cook.

This salad is perfect for any summer occasion, whether you’re hosting a BBQ, going to a potluck, or just want something light. With its mix of summer flavours and textures, it satisfies and leaves you wanting more.


“I took this salad to my family’s summer cookout, and it was a big success! It was bright, refreshing, and the tangy dressing was a hit. It’s a recipe I’ll definitely keep!” – Sarah

“This salad is a new favourite for potlucks. It’s easy to adjust to my taste, and everyone at the party loves it.” – Michael

Ingredient Quantityworse.>
Potatoes 500g
Green Beans 250g
Tomatoes 250g
Lemon 1
Olive Oil 3 tablespoons
Garlic 2 cloves
Fresh Herbs (e.g., parsley, basil) Handful
Salt To taste
Black Pepper To taste

A Tangy Lemon Herb Vinaigrette

This potato green bean salad isn’t dressed in mayo. Instead, it’s brightened up by a tangy lemon herb vinaigrette. It’s a light dressing that adds a refreshing twist.

The vinaigrette packs a bold mustard punch, adding tangy zest. Fresh shallots bring a mild, onion-like flavor that’s just right.

This salad opts for a lemon herb vinaigrette over a heavy mayo dressing. It’s a healthier choice that doesn’t trade off flavor. The zingy dressing cuts through the potato and bean richness. This makes the dish balanced and satisfying.

light lemon herb vinaigrette

Perfect for summer parties or a light side dish, this vinaigrette lifts your potato green bean salad. Its lively flavors and fresh ingredients make it perfect for any event.

Customizable and Make-Ahead

This potato and green bean salad is healthy, gluten-free, and vegetarian. It’s perfect for summer activities like cookouts, potlucks, and BBQs. This dish can also be prepared a day or two in advance, which is great for meal planning.

What makes this salad special is its mayo-free dressing. Without mayo, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling quickly at outdoor gatherings. The dressing is made with tangy lemon herb vinaigrette. It includes shallots, whole grain Pommery mustard, Dijon mustard, kosher salt, black pepper, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh tarragon.

The salad boasts a mix of light, fresh ingredients. French green beans add tenderness and flavour, along with mini potatoes, fresh mozzarella, and grape tomatoes. Fresh herbs top it off. The beans are blanched and shocked to keep them bright and crisp-tender.

This dish is best enjoyed the day it’s made to ensure it’s fresh and tasty. Yet, you can tailor it to your liking. Feel free to add veggies like sun-dried tomatoes or bacon and different cheeses. You could also try olives, hard-boiled eggs, various onions, bell peppers, or feta.

Feedback from people who’ve tried it is very positive. They love its healthy ingredients and how you can tweak it to your taste. Plus, its ability to be made ahead of time is a big plus for any gathering.

A serving of this salad includes about 393 calories, 46g of carbs, 7g of protein, and 21g of fat. It has a good balance of potatoes and green beans. So, it’s both tasty and nutritious.

Different potato varieties, like fingerling, new, or red potatoes, work well in this salad. Fingerlings are especially good thanks to their firm texture and creamy taste. But any small potato will do.

And, if you’re planning ahead, this salad benefits from some time in the fridge. This lets the flavours come together beautifully. When it’s time to eat, it’ll taste even better.

For more recipe ideas, visit: tangy green bean ciliegine salad, Italian potato salad, and French potato salad.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Salad

Making a memorable salad needs a bit of know-how and some secret tips. Here are a few to take your salad to the next level:

  1. Choose the freshest ingredients: Look for top-quality produce. Pick crisp green beans, ripe tomatoes, and fresh herbs for this recipe.
  2. Enhance the flavors with shallots: Add a subtle onion-like taste with finely chopped shallots in your dressing. They’ll complement the salad well.
  3. Experiment with mustard varieties: Using different mustards, like whole grain pommery and Dijon, can really deepen your dressing’s flavor.
  4. Master the art of blanching and shocking: Blanch green beans until bright green, then shock in ice water. This keeps their color vibrant.
  5. Season potatoes with acid: Lemon juice or vinegar on potatoes adds tanginess and keeps them looking fresh.
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh herbs: Using herbs like basil, parsley, or dill makes your salad extra special. Finely chop and sprinkle them over your salad for a fresh taste.

It’s all about the little things and the right methods when making a salad. Try these tips and see your salads become the highlight of any meal!

Ingredients Quantity
Potatoes 1 pound
Green beans 8 ounces
Tomatoes 2 medium-sized
Shallots 2 tablespoons
Fresh herbs (e.g., basil, parsley, dill) 2 tablespoons, chopped
Whole grain pommery mustard 1 tablespoon
Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon
Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Salt To taste
Black pepper To taste

Customization Options and Variations

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this potato green bean salad. It’s very adaptable, so you can change it to fit what you like. There are many ways to tweak the recipe to your liking.

Changing the salad is easy with swaps or additions. Adding sliced sun-dried tomatoes can really boost the flavor. Or try some cooked and crumbled bacon for a richer taste. Olives give a nice salty touch. You can really play around with it!

Trying different garnishes can also change up the salad. Fresh herbs like basil or parsley work well. Or drizzle on some dressing for extra zest. It’s fun to experiment here.

For a different taste, try experimenting with vinegar types. Balsamic vinegar brings a sweet tartness, whereas apple cider vinegar is more acidic. You can choose your favorite or mix them to create a special dressing.

If you love Mediterranean flavours, make a Greek version. Just crumble some feta cheese on top. A squeeze of lemon juice adds a refreshing twist. This variation feels like a trip to the Mediterranean.

Customization Options and Variations Description
Swaps or Additions Experiment with ingredients like sliced sun-dried tomatoes, cooked and crumbled bacon, or olives for added flavor.
Garnishes Elevate the presentation and taste of the salad by adding fresh herbs, a drizzle of your favorite dressing, or other creative garnishes.
Different Types of Vinegar Explore the flavor profiles of various vinegars, such as balsamic or apple cider, to add depth and complexity to your dressing.
Greek Version with Feta Cheese Create a Mediterranean-inspired twist by incorporating crumbled feta cheese and a squeeze of lemon juice.

This salad is great because it’s so versatile. Feel free to mix and match until you find the perfect taste. Whether you want something bold or light and fresh, there’s something here for everyone.


The Cook’s Country potato, green bean, and tomato salad is perfect for summer. It mixes fresh and tangy tastes, making it irresistible. It’s great for cookouts, picnics, or as a refreshing side dish.

You can change the recipe to fit your tastes or needs. Add things like crispy bacon, creamy feta cheese, or crunchy sunflower seeds. You can make this salad your own!

You can also make this salad ahead of time. Make it the day before, and the flavors will blend beautifully. This saves you time and stress on the day of your event.

To wrap it up, this salad is a summer must-have. With its fresh taste, easy adjustments, and make-ahead option, it’s sure to be a hit. Try it out and bring the joy of summer to your table!


Is this potato green bean and tomato salad recipe suitable for summer entertaining?

Absolutely, the Cook’s Country recipe is ideal for summer fun. It’s a healthy, refreshing dish that can be made ahead. Your guests will love it.

Where is this potato green bean and tomato salad recipe best served?

Serve this salad at summer cookouts, potlucks, and barbecues. It combines fresh and light tastes with hearty ingredients perfectly.

What kind of dressing does this potato green bean salad use?

It’s dressed in a light lemon herb vinaigrette. This dressing has a zingy mustard and fresh shallots. It makes the salad tangy and refreshing.

Is this potato green bean salad suitable for specific dietary needs?

Yes, it’s healthy, gluten-free, and vegetarian. It’s great for summer gatherings as it can be prepared before the event. You can also add various veggies, herbs, and cheeses.

Are there any tips to enhance the flavors of this potato green bean salad?

For more flavor, use shallots, two kinds of mustard, and dress the potatoes in lemon. Blanch the green beans well. Fresh herbs will make the salad even more vibrant.

Can this potato green bean salad be customized?

Definitely, it’s very versatile. Try adding sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, olives, or different garnishes. Experiment with various vinegars or make a Greek version with feta cheese.


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