Polish Dessert Pastry

Eastern Delights: Polish Dessert Pastry

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Poland is known for its tasty and traditional desserts, perfect for anyone visiting. Its sweets are as good as its famous neighbours’. You’ll find everything from babka to szarlotka, satisfying all kinds of sweet cravings. These treats offer a mix of flavors and textures. So, when visiting Poland’s historic sites or beautiful beaches, don’t miss out on their delightful pastries.

10 Traditional Polish Desserts You Must Try

Poland offers some desserts that everyone should try. The famous babka is a sweet, bread-like cake enjoyed during Easter. Another treat is szarlotka, known as Polish apple pie, with a delightful short-crust base. Sernik, a Polish cheesecake, is made with creamy farmer’s cheese and loved by many.

Poland’s sweets also include kremowka papieska (papal cream cake) and karpatka, a cream-filled delight. Don’t forget ciasto z śliwkami (plum cake) and mazurek, a shortcrust tart. There’s also the unique makowiec (poppy seed cake), drożdżówka (yeast cake), and sekacz (tree cake). These treats show the rich flavours and crafts of Polish baking.

Dessert Description
Babka A sweet bread-like cake enjoyed during Easter Sunday. Developed by Polish Jewish communities in the 19th century.
Szarlotka Also known as Polish apple pie, it features a short-crust pastry base and can be served warm or cold.
Sernik A Polish cheesecake made with creamy farmer’s cheese. First appeared in Poland during the 17th century.
Kremowka Papieska Known as papal cream cake, it became popular after Pope John Paul II mentioned it.
Karpatka A cream-filled cake made with choux pastry, thought to have originated in Poland in the 1950s.
Ciasto z Śliwkami A plum cake where plums are an essential ingredient.
Mazurek A shortcrust tart, often enjoyed as a Polish Easter dessert, with variations that include poppy seeds, caramel cream, chocolate, and walnuts.
Makowiec A poppy seed cake, popular in Poland during holidays like Easter and Christmas.
Drożdżówka Refers to any yeast-based sweet bun or cake in Poland.
Sekacz A complex Polish dessert traditionally baked over an open fire, resembling the rings of a tree trunk.

Traditional Polish desserts blend amazing flavours and textures. If you love rich, creamy cheesecake or enjoy the tangy sweetness of plum cake, you’ll find a favourite here. Try these delicious Polish recipes and explore Poland’s culinary tradition.


Polish dessert pastry is a real treat in their cuisine. With delights like the famous babka and the traditional makowiec, these desserts mix flavors and textures in the best way. They’re sure to make anyone with a sweet tooth happy.

If you’re in Poland or just keen to try new things, you must taste these traditional Polish desserts. Enjoy the rich, traditional tastes designed to make your taste buds dance joyfully.

One beloved Polish sweet is the pączki. It’s eaten on Fat Thursday, the day of feasting before Lent starts. Another favourite is the divine kremówka, a cream cake loved all over Poland.

The piernik, a gingerbread cake, is a holiday treat. For birthdays and weddings, the tort, a party cake, is the star. And we can’t forget the classic sernik. It’s a yummy cheesecake made with cream cheese, sugar, and flour.

Dive into the world of Polish dessert pastry and discover Poland’s rich culinary stories. Whether enjoying a warm babka or the creamy layers of a kremówka, these treats showcase Poland’s dessert traditions. So, go ahead and delve into Polish dessert pastry for a memorable food journey.


What are some traditional Polish desserts?

Some traditional Polish desserts include babka, szarlotka, sernik, kremowka papieska, karpatka, and ciasto z śliwkami. Also try mazurek, makowiec, drożdżówka, and sekacz.

What is babka?

Babka is a sweet, bread-like cake. It is often enjoyed during Easter Sunday.

What is szarlotka?

Szarlotka, known as Polish apple pie, has a short-crust pastry base.

What is sernik?

Sernik is Polish cheesecake. It’s made with creamy farmer’s cheese.

What other traditional Polish desserts should I try?

Try these traditional Polish desserts: kremowka papieska, karpatka, ciasto z śliwkami. Also delicious are mazurek, makowiec, drożdżówka, and sekacz.

How would you describe Polish dessert pastry?

Polish dessert pastry is delightful and indulgent. It offers unique flavors and textures.


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