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10 Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $2.00

  Looking to help Santa fill those stockings on a budget this year?  Here are 10 cheap stocking stuffers you can get for under $2.00! Pink Rose Feather Headband for $1.97 & FREE SHIPPING! One Pack of Shocking Gum $1.73 & FREE SHIPPING! Cute Strawberry Foldable Reusable Shopping Bag just $1.78 & FREE SHIPPING! Rhinestones […]

This Weeks ABC Familys 25 Days of Christmas Movie

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas Schedule – December 1st-6th

One of my family’s favorite yearly traditions is to watch the Christmas specials on TV.  Come December 1st our TV is set on ABC Family!  The ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas is such a great program!  It’s filled with movies – both classics and new ones – that really bring out the Christmas Spirit! […]

The Big Green Egg - The Grill That Can Make Anything

The Big Green Egg – The grill that can make anything

  Before my trip to Florida and Tuckaway Shores I had heard of The Big Green Egg.  Actually my step-dad has been dreaming of one for a while!  He loves going to events where chefs cook on the grill and he always comes home with another 15 reasons why he must get one. I however […]


A Visit To Port Canaveral

  Did you know that Port Canaveral is the second busiest port in the world?  Soon, they are saying it will overtake Miami and become the most popular!  During our Tuckaway Shores trip we stopped by the new Port Canaveral Exploration Tower to experience all 7 levels and learned about what is to come for […]

Just Dance 2015 Video Game Review Hosting A Dance Party

Host A Family Dance Party

  It’s November and already bitter cold in Indiana.  Colder than we are used to right now!  And while we aren’t getting 6 feet of snow (thank goodness!) we have been getting some.  I’m not sure if it’s because I just got back from Florida or jut because we usually don’t get snow this early, […]

Rusty's Restaurant near Port Canaveral Florida

Rusty’s Restaurant – The Best Place To Eat At Port Canaveral

  While we were on our trip to The Space Coast in Florida one thing is for sure.  We did not starve.  Seriously we had so much great food!  After we had visited the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower we headed across the street to eat lunch at Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar.   I was […]


Disney Debuts Cinderella – Get Some Inside Scoop!

  Did you hear that Disney is remaking the classic fairy tale Cinderella?  It’s not going to be a cartoon version like the Disney Cinderella like I remember, but I just saw the movie trailer (you can too below!) and it looks SO well done.  I’m actually incredibly excited about this!   Everything from the […]

The Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center

  I remember a long, long, long time ago when my school offered a ‘field trip’ to go down to The Kennedy Space Center.  It was kind of an expensive trip and at the time I wasn’t able to go.  But it’s always been in the back of my mind. Flash forward some years later […]